The United States will check out of the social network of all the applicants for visas

In the documents for obtaining visas into the USA will make new graphs. Now the state Department wants to obtain from applicants for visas, information about their names in social networks, the AP reports.

“The state Department is going to require all applicants for a U.S. visa to submit their names in social media, the previous email addresses and phone numbers, and significantly expanding the number of failures of the administration to trump potential migrants and visitors to the country”, – reports the edition, referring to the released state Department documents.

They reported that the new rules affect almost 15 million foreigners wishing to obtain a us visa. According to forecasts, the indication in the visa documents in social networks can affect the decision about 710 thousand applicants for immigrant visas and 14 million applicants for neimmigratsionnykh visas annually.

If the amendments are accepted, the visa applications will have lists of social networks. Applicants for a visa will have to provide information about their names in these social networks, and also, if you want those social networks, which are not included in the list.

In addition, applicants for the visa will request data about their phone numbers, email addresses, travel and deportations in five years.

It is also planned to add to the questionnaire a question about whether family members of the applicant’s participation in terrorist activities.

Earlier data on pages in social networks, email, and phone numbers required from those applicants who are selected for additional inspection – for example,those who traveled in the territories controlled by terrorist organizations.