The Thai court has indicted the Fish and Leslie

PATTAYA (Thailand), 13 APR — RIA Novosti. The provincial court of Pattaya city presented to Alexander Kirillov (Alex Leslie), Valukevich Anastasia (Nastia Fish) and other defendants in the case about the illegal “sex-training” charges in the second case, and chose to them a measure of restraint in form of detention, told RIA Novosti Secretary of the court.

They are charged with organization of a criminal Association, conspiracy consisting of more than five people to commit a crime and the provision of services of a sexual nature in a criminal group.

The court session was held behind closed doors, in the courtroom located in the unit cells of temporary detention the court of Pattaya. In addition judges and the Secretary, attended only by the suspects, a paralegal and translator.

“Tonight they will be transferred to the city jail of Pattaya. The next court hearing on this case will be held on April 24,” — said the Agency the Registrar of the court.

The clerk also added that, in accordance with Thai law, the court will extend the measure to curb every 12 days.

In the first case Leslie Fish and the other participants in the illegal “sex-training” is accused of illegal entrepreneurship and labour activity on the territory of Thailand. The meeting will take place as planned, April 17.

On the investigation of the criminal procedure code of Thailand is given 84 days. In the case that prosecutors have completed an indictment before, or the accused plead guilty, the court hearing the case may take place earlier. In the case that the Prosecutor’s office deemed filed by the police evidence of the guilt of the defendants is insufficient, the case can return to the police for further investigation or terminated.

The defendants in the case were detained in Thailand in late February.