Komi has accused trump selfishness and unethical

Former FBI Director wrote a book about the presidency trump

Ex-FBI Director James Comey has criticized US President Donald trump, accusing him of unethical and inclination to lie in his new book.

The book also States that in the early days of the presidency, trump strongly demanded that the FBI has denied indecent rumors about him, claiming that they are untrue, but can upset his wife.

In the book of the Komi compares trump with the mafia and said that his behavior as a leader “based on selfishness” and expectations of “personal loyalty”.

Komi also tells new details about his experience with trump and about his own decision in the case of an e-mail to Hillary Clinton.

Trump is depicted in the book as the figure of a mafia-like trying to blur the line between law enforcement and politics. The author also claims that the President pressured him in connection with the investigation of Russian interference in the elections.

The book is called “the Highest degree of loyalty” (A Higher Loyalty) will go on sale next week. The Associated Press is already familiar with the text.

“The presidency of Donald trump threatens much good in this country,” writes Komi, calling the administration a “forest fire”, which not under force to restrain the government with the highest ethical standards.