Facebook is too slow, with a lot of hack’

Photo: Rebecca Friedlander

A musician whose Facebook account was hijacked, urged the company to make it easier for people to recover control over your social media pages.

Country and gospel singer Philippa Hanna said Facebook was difficult to contact, and took several days to act.

The attacker changed their contact details and user name, so Ms Hanna was locked, by your own account, and even mocked its supporters.

The company says it has a dedicated communication channel are examined.

Ms Hanna Lionel Ritchie, Leona Lewis and Little Mix on tour has supported, and has more than 5000 friends and 6000 followers on Facebook.

She was concerned about the abduction, because they are saved to your account, in order to promote their music, and their account was linked to another website of your Bank.Automated E-Mails

According to wife Hannah, of South Yorkshire police told her the problem up on Google.

The police was contacted by the BBC for comment.

Ms Hanna said she contacted Facebook, as soon as they realized what had happened, but found it very difficult to get an answer.

“One of the worst things was, hanging in a loop of automated E-Mails telling me to try the same things I had already tried that,” she said.

“My friends were back to try to report the page but Facebook again and again and say: ‘there is nothing offensive about this account.

“There was not the option to say that the page has been kidnapped. It was a “fake account” option, but mine was not fake. It has been stolen.”Mother “unfriended’

Ms Hanna admits that the E-Mail address you had used to your account was active, Facebook could unlock not send a reset link to it.

But she was disappointed that it was from Facebook, the automated proposals to delete the account.

“After 10 years, and for my career as an Indie musician, I thought that was acceptable. It felt like a kick in the guts, after 10 years of dedicated data-entry.”

While the attacker also claims or public contributions, the person seemed to be from Turkey, changed your friends list and “unfriended” her mother.

The attackers also sent a private message full of laughing emojis to a fan had notification the singer bonded over their mental health.

“That was when I annoyed really – for me, this is a public safety issue,” Ms Hanna said.

“I have vulnerable people who trust me, and this hacker was mocking, pretending to be me.””Unbelievable,” Platform

Ms Hanna put a note on Instagram stated that they had been hacked on Facebook.

When she woke up the next day, she discovered the post had been removed, and she had received an E-Mail saying someone had tried to change their settings.

“It was really scary – he was the censorship of my Instagram, itself protected.”

She thinks she can come to the attention of the hackers, after a video of her singing an Ed Sheeran song went viral, attracting more than 18 million views.

“I certainly don’t hate Facebook. It is a great platform,” she said.

“But it really needs to seriously consider how to protect people.”Dedicated reporting channels

Ms Hanna says she now has your account.

“The lady that finally helped me was an angel. There are amazing, smart people at Facebook, but much to hard to get to you,” she said.

“If the helpline is an emergency. I would gladly have paid to speak to a premium surcharge with someone, if only it was an option. It would have been worth, to do, to protect my followers.”

Facebook said it was investigating what had happened.

He said: “We want everyone to have a positive experience on Facebook, which is why we ensure a dedicated communication channel to our help, for people to the account, if you think that it has been compromised.”