The deputies proposed a compromise on “soy amendment” in defense of farmers and processors

The deputies of the Tax Committee, acting in the interests of Ukrainian agriculture, have been to protect domestic producers and invited to submit for consideration by Parliament next week a compromise solution on the notorious “soy amendment”. The decision, supported by most deputies of the Committee, all focused on protection of Ukrainian producers, but the unprofitable international and Russian traders who are trafficked Ukrainian soybeans for processing at plants in Europe and Russia. It is reported by the browser, a New time Andrey Ledenev with reference to the minutes of the meeting of the Tax Committee of the VR of March 22, 2018, according to “Ukrainian news”.

“It would seem that the ideal solution, which 100% protects the domestic producers and the public interest. However, the scheme still falls international companies who do not want to invest in building plants in Ukraine, but already have processing in neighboring countries, focused exclusively on Ukrainian soy. That’s why their lobbyists in the Committee did not support the compromise proposal,” writes the journalist.

According to him, the main mouthpiece of traders that export of Ukrainian soybeans – the people’s Deputy Ivan Miroshnichenko, member of the party “Association “Samopomich”, who for many years was the American company Cargill. He led a group of MPs, which offers to undo changes to the Tax code of Ukraine to create conditions to stimulate soybean processing domestically. A compromise solution for the protection of the interests of producers and processors of soybean group Miroshnichenko also categorically rejects.

Lobbyists, international trading structures are only interested in how to squeeze out of Ukraine the maximum raw material and sell it in foreign markets. Key anti-Ukrainian interested parties of the amendments in the legislation of the Russian agricultural holding “Commonwealth”, which belongs to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. The company completes the construction of the plant in Belarus focused primarily on the Ukrainian raw materials, and plans to annually export from Ukraine of 500 thousand tons of soybeans, the newspaper reports.

“Whether the people’s deputies to protect the interests of the country and the economy, or win, the desire to please the multinational traders and the Russian Prime Minister, time will tell,” says the author.

We will remind, in December, the deputies adopted amendments to the Ukrainian Tax code, which, among others, impose temporary restrictions on the reimbursement of VAT on exports of soybeans and thereby stimulate the development of domestic processing in Ukraine.

March 21, at the meeting of the Tax Committee of deputies, lobbying for the interests of international and Russian traders, voted for the bill on the return of the export VAT on soybean as raw material. But the Chairman of the Committee Nina Southerner blocked the transfer of this document to the Parliament, and postponed consideration of the question the next day, March 22.

22 Mar MPs defending the interests of the Ukrainian agricultural sector, introduced a compromise solution which fully protects the interests of domestic producers and implies a VAT refund to producer of soybeans and the processor. The proposal was supported by majority of votes of the members of the Committee and referred to the BP.

Voting of people’s deputies 3 – April 7 will decide the fate of the soybean market in Ukraine.