Groisman explained how to stop labor migration from Ukraine

Today in Ukraine sharply there is a question of labour migration and the reasons for this are the level of unemployment and low wages. So, in the major cities of Ukraine 90% of the unemployed with higher education, and abroad earn between 5 to 8 million Ukrainians. How the government is going to solve the problem of labor migration of Ukrainians live news program “Today” on TV channel “Ukraine” said Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman, reports “Today”.

“What people need normal, normal education, normal medicine and safety. We as a government are putting these priorities as the agenda for the work. To change everything in one day is very difficult. I would like to achieve high wages in Ukraine, access to quality education, especially for working professionals. We have a paradoxical situation – people with higher education cannot find work, while skilled workers are so in demand. You will meet with business – to-business will tell you that they have today, the lack of qualified personnel. But how much you keep people at minimum wage to 1400 UAH? It was just unreal,” – said Vladimir Groisman.

The Prime Minister also has told, what should be the minimum wage in the Ukraine, so that people didn’t want to go abroad.

“The average salary in Ukraine, in my opinion, when the rate of the national currency by the end of this year to reach 10 thousand hryvnia. I think this is a real indicator that may create a competitive… Salary is crucial. We raised the minimum wage and immediately announced that this is the breakthrough. No, we started it to do: 1450 UAH was minimum wage, now – 3723 UAH, and after about a year and a half, and we will go further. We will create the conditions for the economy to work properly and people were receiving a decent salary for their work,” – said Vladimir Groisman.

Commenting on the assertion that the growth of wages in Ukraine today has an impact on inflation, Volodymyr Groysman said:

“In fact, inflation is a complex problem and is not just a problem of increase of salaries. I believe that inflation is minimal impact raising the minimum wage in half… But if we look at statistics, the real salary grew by 19%, nominal – by 37%. But that’s not enough”.

The Prime Minister said that to bring the minimum salary in Ukraine up to 10 thousand UAH this year will not, according to Vladimir Groisman, “the Ukrainian business, especially small and medium, should be able to pay such salaries.”

“I am very interested in the fact that people lived better, but I’m a realist, I’m not the one who can tell that tomorrow will be better. The populists the people seen in my life for so many – when he promised everything to everybody, but never did. Look at the roads that always promised to do and did not do – and I promised, and we do it. Look at the salaries, pensions are not what I would like, but I do set the direction where we’re going. And I’m sure in a few years our economy will be stronger, and the Ukrainians will feel confidence in the future” – said Vladimir Groisman.

Earlier it was reported about the problems faced by Ukrainian workers abroad. As it turned out, the Ukrainians are leaving the country in search of higher incomes, but find social insecurity, injustice and even fights – and are returning Home. We will remind, the Ukrainian justice Ministry urges Ukrainians not to believe the ads, where a job as a courier in Russia offer a great salary of Ukrainians are forced to become drug mules in Russia.