Fortnite video game face of server outage

Epic Games

The successful video game Fortnite is facing a serious disruption of the server after an issue that arose after the Wednesday update your free Battle Royale mode.

The title, which was developed by Epic Games, has more than 45 million players around the world.

The problem has become that some players have not been able to log in to Battle Royale the last player standing the challenge of Xbox, PlayStation, PC, or mobile phone.

A statement by Epic, has blamed the failure on a database of faults.

The company said that this had made their login and matchmaking services unstable.

“The services should begin to recover over the next couple of hours,” he said in his most recent update.

“Due to problems with our system of accounts, the PlayStation 4 will be unable to login for an additional period of time.”

The firm has also been updating fans on his Twitter account and one of the experts said that such interruptions were not unusual.

“It’s not ideal, from their perspective, because they have millions of players that want to play the game,” said Piers Harding-Rolls, head of games at analyst firm IHS Markit.

“But what is most important is that people receive regular updates, that Epic Games seems to be doing.”‘Addictive’

Fortnite launched the past month of June payment of the game.

However, the Battle Royale mode – who faces up to 100 players against each other – it’s free to play.

This makes the money from the sale of costumes and other cosmetic in-game items.

These generated more than us $ 15 million (£10.5 m) on iOS alone in its first three weeks on the Apple mobile platform to which it acceded on the 15th of March, according to an analysis of the company.

Some parents have raised concerns about the amount of time their children spend inside of Fortnite cartoon-like fights.

However, one of the academics recently warned that describes the game as “addictive”.

Fortnite, has been nominated for two awards in Thursday night, the Bafta Games Awards.