In Kiev the shooting occurred at a nightclub: there are wounded

On the night of April 10, at about 01:45, in Kiev, at the night club Duty Free (Victory Avenue, 47), a shot rang out. The shooting injured a young man.

A group of young people stood on the street near the house, when passed by the man. He spoke with the company, with the result that there was a verbal altercation that escalated into a fight. During the fight, a passerby pulled a gun and shot him in the leg one of the guys. Arrived on the scene the ambulance the victim was hospitalized with a wound of the left leg.

Correspondent caught on the spot, the guy refused to give any comments, saying that caught on a nail.

In addition to the ambulance, the place was attended by police officers.

We will remind, on March 9 in Kyiv detained the man shot at the Windows of houses. During a search of the apartment of the suspect seized a pistol, ammunition and a spent shell casing. To the man threatens till 7 years of imprisonment.