Audi A6 Avant designer Helmut Jung on the’ more expressive’ new car

Audi believes that the new A6 Avant, which is part of a class associated with maximize the practicality, ideal for the buyers as well as for its amazing design, as the boot.

One of the main members of the team behind the shape of the 2018 summer is Helmut Jung, the A6 Avant exterior design. We meet him to evaluate his thinking behind the model.

What were the inspirations for the car?

“The Four-it is clear – especially on the wheel blisters, and in each and every new car launch. It is our point of reference now. For the ‘wow’ factor I looked at the 100 Avant. Then we had a prologue the concept is that really us in this direction. The goal was to make a little bit of the drama of an RS model available to all.”

Audi A6 Avant unveiled with ‘dramatic’ new look

There were areas where the drawings needed reining?

“This is the most expressive car. The aim was to ensure that it looks good and for always, not only captures the imagination now and the the age of evil in the course of time. We are a progressive brand, not a brash”.

Why are the sensors so prominent at the front of the car?

“We wanted them to be that way, to emphasize the technology available on the machine. We had two choices: try to hide them, which would not have been possible, or to make a feature of them. We chose to do a theme out of it, rather than trying to store it.”

Audi still has a familiar family look, though…

“That is, and always will be. There is always more differentiation between models, but each car has its own interpretation of the Four themes, and in details like the grille you will always be able to appreciate the fact that one of our cars, which is part of the Audi family, even when some of the topics – such as the details about the grid, or the shape of the intakes – they are different.”

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