WE aim to 1 300 Chinese imports

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The united states has published a list of around 1,300 products from China, he plans to hit with a 25% tariff.

The White House has said that the proposed extra tax on imports is a response to unfair Chinese practices around intellectual property rights.

The extensive list includes items such as medical products, televisions and motorcycles.

Economists have warned the move could prompt China to retaliate and lead to higher prices for American consumers.

The publication of the list comes just after China has reached $ 3 billion worth of u.s. products with tariffs in response to the steel and aluminium tariffs the united states imposed.

The products on the list of the US published on Tuesday, represent the imports of a value of about $50bn each year.

Last year, the US imported goods from China worth about $506bn.
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The office of the US Trade Representative, which handles trade negotiations, said the amount is “appropriate to the times in the light of the estimate of the damage to the american economy and to the elimination of the China harmful acts, policies and practices”.

A final list will be determined after a period of 30 days of public consultation.

The plans for the tariffs are the result of a survey that the AMERICAN President Donald Trump ordered last year in China from intellectual property practices.

Last month, he said the probe has found evidence of problems, such as the practices of pressure from american companies to share technology with Chinese companies and ordered a list of products developed for the rates.Trade war fears

US business groups have urged both parties to attempt to resolve problems through talks and has expressed its concern that the threat of tariffs could lead to a dispute that has hurt the american economy.

The american Chamber of Commerce said: “The administration is rightly focused on the restoration of justice and fairness in our trade relations with China. However, the imposition of taxes on the products used daily by American consumers and job creators is not the way to achieve these ends.”

China’s economy is less dependent on exports in recent years.

The united states is the destination for only 15% of China’s good exports, which is likely to mitigate the effect of customs duties, according to the analysts of S&P’s Global Ratings.

“However, the situation remains dynamic, with the risk of most tariffs and restrictions on investment and market access,” they wrote in a report last month.

“A trade war between the two biggest economies, would undermine confidence in global economic growth and credit.”

The U.S. imported about $506bn goods from China in 2017