Trump has condemned Russia and Iran for supporting Assad

Earlier, the US urged Moscow to abandon support for the government in Damascus and engage in work to prevent further chemical attacks

The US President Donald trump has condemned the chemical attack in Syria, accusing the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Iran in supporting “the animal Assad”. Trump said that Assad needs to pay dearly for the “insane” chemical attack that led to numerous victims, “including women and children.”

The United States urged Russia to immediately withdraw support for the Syrian government to “cooperate with the international community to prevent a new barbaric chemical attacks”.

Previously the acting assistant Secretary of state for public diplomacy Heather Nauert said that the US is closely watching a disturbing message received April 7, about a new chemical attack, which this time affected the hospital in the Syrian city of Duma.

The statement said that “Russia, with its unwavering support for the regime ultimately responsible for these violent attacks against huge numbers of civilians, and choking the most vulnerable communities of Syria using chemical weapons”.

The rebels claim that the Syrian government troops on Saturday had used barrel bombs containing toxic substances against civilians, killing dozens of people. This happened on the background of the continuing offensive by the Syrian troops in the last town in Eastern ghouta, which is controlled by the rebels.

Syrian state media rejected claims of the rebels, while troops launched an offensive in the Duma, located in the outskirts of Damascus.

“The Syrian Observatory for human rights” and “the Syrian-American medical society” (SAMS) reported that as a result of Saturday’s air strikes killed at least 30 people in the Duma, dozens of others were injured.

SAMS claims that the chlorine bomb was dropped on a hospital in the Duma, but the Director of the Syrian Observatory, Rami Abdulrahman said that he could not confirm the use of chemical weapons.

The attack occurred after other rebel groups in Huta agreed to leave the area of the safe corridor and moved to rebel controlled areas to the North-East of Aleppo.

The news Agency Reuters, citing Syrian state television, announces the agreement to release all detainees held by Syrian rebels in control of the Duma, in exchange for allowing the rebels to leave the city. Under the agreement, fighters group “Jaish al-Islam” within 48 hours leave the Duma and to the city of Jerablus, close to the border with Turkey, a source told Syrian television.

The ceasefire was actually broken on Friday when the Syrian troops launched a ground and air offensive in the Duma, with the result that, according to observers killed at least 40 people.