The expert said that means the recovery of Yulia Skripal

MOSCOW, March 30 — RIA Novosti. The recovery of the daughter of ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal, Yulia suggests that she was not poisoned “Newcomer”, said a former member of the Commission on biological weapons the UN Igor Nikulin.

The incident he considers it a planned provocation of the British secret service.

Sky News reported that came in after the poisoning English in Salisbury, the daughter of a British spy Skripal Julia can already drink and eat. It became known yesterday that she had recovered and could speak, her condition is improving rapidly.

“This is good news. Rejoice for the citizen of the Russian Federation Yulia Skripal. But this fact suggests that, most likely, for her poisoning was not substance A-234 a “Newbie”, which he called the Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may,” — said Nikulin RIA Novosti on Friday.
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He noted that Mei said about the use of Soviet nerve gas “Beginner”, to which the British authorities equate A-234, but, according to the expert, “it would be absolutely impossible.”

“If it was used, both Skrobala would not have been alive. And chances to survive they too would not be. If only for two or three minutes they would not inject the antidote”, — the expert believes.

In his view, “the substance A-234 the Americans and the British today know so much more than we are — they’ve been at least 25 years.”

“During that time, with the level of development of their science and technology it is already possible to do something. It’s something else — analogue. And, by the way, the British experts came to the conclusion that this is the kind of the substance, which was invented in the Soviet Union. It either has a weaker effect, or the British picked up an effective antidote that can be given, and the person after that will survive,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

“This operation took place under the full control of British intelligence. Ready was the ambulance crew who knew exactly what to work hard for victims. There may be two versions. Either it’s falsification of evidence, or is another substance less toxic”, — concluded the expert.

The incident in English of Salisbury living in Britain spy Skripal and his daughter, having citizenship of the Russian Federation, which occurred on March 4 caused a massive diplomatic incident and a massive expulsion of Russian diplomats from several countries. The UK authorities without providing convincing evidence and refusing to give Moscow access to the investigation claim that the poisoning Skrobala substance A234 involved in the Russian state.

The authorities of the Russian Federation all charges categorically deny, and declare their readiness to cooperate in the investigation. Russian President Vladimir Putin had noted that the prosecution of the Russian Federation of involvement in the poisoning Skipala — nonsense, as nobody would have allowed himself such, especially on the eve of the presidential elections and the world Cup. Meanwhile, Putin stressed that Russia has no chemical weapons, and this is confirmed by international observers.
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