Pentagon: the deadline for the withdrawal of troops from Syria not assigned

Trump agreed for some time to leave us troops in Syria

WASHINGTON – U.S. Military policy in the fight against militants of the “Islamic state” remains unchanged after a meeting held this week for discussions with President Donald trump, and the timing of the withdrawal of troops not assigned.

This was announced by the Pentagon.

During the meeting of the Council for national security this week, trump has agreed for some time to leave us troops in Syria to defeat the Islamic state, but he wants to bring them relatively soon, said a senior administration official.

Trump has hinted that he wants to withdraw American troops from Syria, in one of his speeches last week. According to the administration, he insisted on a speedy withdrawal of troops from the interviews with the assistants for national security.

“We have always believed that when you reach a point of finality in the fight against ISIS in Syria, we will adjust their presence there, so in that sense, nothing really has not changed,” – said the Director of the joint chiefs of staff, Lieutenant-General of the Marine corps, Kenneth Mackenzie.

According to Mackenzie, trump did not put before the armed forces, no specific date.

“…We have not set specific deadlines, and is a very effective approach… the President has very wisely not putting a specific timeframe,” said Mackenzie.

The United States carried out air strikes in Syria. Also in the country there are 2,000 troops, including special forces, thanks to the recommendations which the Kurdish troops and other groups that support US, have managed to recapture territory from Islamic state.

As stated in the Pentagon and the state Department to guarantee the sustainability of the victory over ISIS, the US will require longer-term efforts.