In naval forces of Ukraine told about the reasons for the surrender of the fleet in Crimea

MOSCOW, 25 Mar — RIA Novosti. The Ukrainian Navy was “sacrificed” during the annexation of Crimea to Russia in 2014, said in an interview with TV channel “112 Ukraine” the assistant to the commander of the Ukrainian Navy captain first rank Marina Canalul.

According to her, the command of the Ukrainian Navy in the Crimea”, came all the top leaders of” Russian law enforcement agencies, and the Navy APU “playing for time” in negotiations. This was necessary in order to create conditions for Kiev to use troops, said Kanalu.

Kanalus, believes that “winning” fleet of the month allowed the state to develop a mechanism to use the APU.

“The Navy, in essence, sacrificed himself in order to give a chance to Ukraine to collect all the military power that just is,” she said, noting that the Navy acted without the instructions of the Supreme commander and Minister of defense, and the local interior Ministry and SBU defected to Russia.

The words of Kanalu about “sacrificed” the Ukrainian Navy is “illogical nonsense”, said RIA Novosti former black sea fleet commander Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov.

He noted that in 2014 the Ukrainian Navy did not have competent staff and sufficient forces and means, therefore, nothing would be able to oppose the Russian Navy, “even if I wanted to.” In addition, a large part of the personnel of the naval forces, with its commander came under Crimean jurisdiction, reminded Komoedov.

“These arguments about sacrifice <…> can be seen as illogical bullshit on “apples and uncle in Kiev”, — said the Admiral.

A similar view was expressed by the Deputy of the state Duma Dmitry Belik. According to him, in 2014, the Ukrainian Navy was morally opposed to the leaders of the Maidan.

“With all Ukrainian ships agreed within several days according to the principle “we will draw a storm, and you will surrender,” said the MP, noting that allegations of gain time for collecting troops — no more than “tales”.

Making such statements, the Ukrainian military want to justify the inaction of the Kiev authorities during the annexation of Crimea to Russia, said Belik. They are forced to invent such stories, as in the case cannot talk about anything but their own “worthlessness and cowardice”, said the Deputy.
Incompetent Navy

Ukrainian fleet in 2014 demonstrated a lack of readiness and military discipline, said RT ramped of the Duma Committee on defense and security Yuri Svitkin. According to him, the Navy APU was disabled during the annexation of Crimea to Russia and remain in the same condition now.

“And if we talk about those Navy of Ukraine, who voluntarily became part of Russia’s black sea fleet, they are adequately joined and serve to guard the borders of the Russian state”, — he stressed.

Crimea became a Russian region after held there in March 2014 referendum in which 96.77 percent of voters of the Republic and 95,6 percent of residents of Sevastopol voted for joining Russia.