Iran plans to replace its own messenger Telegram, write media

MOSCOW, 31 Mar — RIA Novosti. Chairman of the Committee on national security and foreign policy of the Parliament of Iran Alaeddin Boroujerdi said that in the coming weeks in the country earn national messenger, which, as expected, will soon replace the Telegram, according to news Agency Mehr.

Boroujerdi stressed that the decision to replace the popular messenger Iranian alternative was made at the highest levels of the government. According to him, given the destructive role Telegram during the protests in Iranian cities in the past year, the decision was made “in the name of national security.” Iranian alternative to Telegram, an app messenger called “Soroush” (Soroush), working at the end of the month on the Iranian calendar, until 20 April, he added.

The Chairman of the parliamentary Committee expressed the hope that, despite the popularity of Telegram among Iranians, a national messenger was quickly replaced him when he will be blocked. Other details about the possible blocking of Telegram the Agency does not.