Holodnitsky will insist on the publicity of their case and promised to publish the wiretaps

The head of the Special anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office (SAP) Nazar Golodnitsky stated that are not familiar with the complaint that it filed the GPU and NABOO to the disciplinary Commission (MPC), however, he will insist on the publicity of the proceedings and to disclosure of all materials. About this Holodnitsky said at the briefing, which was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”.

“When I get acquainted with the complaint, which they filed on me, I’ll be sure to insist on public review of this production. The only thing that I would like and the only thing I want my prosecutors is a sufficient evidence base… I, as head of the Prosecutor’s office, have always tried and will try to act only within the law and require the investigation of the provision of the full evidence. I will defend my position. I will prove that SAP is a structure that is capable, which is able to enforce law and supervision, including the detectives NAB. I in their actions, sure. I’m on the MPC will prove every word show, but not clipping talking and snatching words out of context, the entire conversation and the subsequent actions that followed this conversation,” said Holodnitsky.

Also Holodnitsky promised to publish the records acquired from the “bugs” wiretapping in his office.

“I know that on these recordings you will not hear any fact of extortion of bribes me, entering me with briefcases full of money in salons or suggestions to do this. I am sure that it is not. What is on these records, we will issue. Yeah, maybe there obscene communication, including subordinates, but, sorry, our dirty swamp of corruption white gloves to clean hard. And like a normal person, I also know how to swear. This is our job. You’ll never hear my swearing publicly,” said Holodnitsky.


As previously reported, the Prosecutor General and the NEB sent to the disciplinary Commission of prosecutors of the complaint to the head of SAP nazara Golodnitsky.

Press Secretary of the PGO Andriy Lysenko said that Nazar Golodnitsky was invited today at 10:00 for questioning as a witness in the investigation Department of especially important cases in the economic sphere of the Prosecutor General. However on interrogation it was not.

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko today, March 30, initiated resignation Gorodnitskogo. Lutsenko addressed to the qualification and disciplinary Commission of prosecutors (MPC) for consideration of withdrawal Gorodnitskogo Nazar as his Deputy and the head of the SAP.

The head of the NABOO Artem Sytnik said that while listening to the Cabinet of Golodnitsky was the identification of cases of violation of laws. In particular, found evidence of informing about the searches before this round begins, the pressure on the court and officials, inciting witness to give false testimony.