The Russians recommended “to weigh expediency” trips to Britain

LONDON, Mar 31 – RIA Novosti, Denis Voroshilov. The Russian Embassy in Britain warns about possible growth of anti-Russian sentiment and actions in the United Kingdom, and is asking Russian citizens to carefully weigh the necessity of travel to the country.

“Against the background of anti-Russian policy, and the rise of threatening rhetoric from the British side, the electoral actions of the British authorities against Russian individuals and legal entities, the latest being a provocation against the aircraft of “Aeroflot” and its crew on 30 March, there is a high probability projection of anti-Russian sentiment, stalking or harassment against the Russians in the UK” — it is told in received RIA Novosti news Agency the statement of the Embassy.

Russian diplomats do not rule out increased attention of British law enforcement and intelligence services to the owners of the Russian passports at points of entry and exit to the UK.

“In particular, a possible emergency stop and arrest citizens under false pretenses in order to conduct a detailed interrogation and searches when entering and leaving the country. This may be required for removal and inspection of personal electronic devices (computers, mobile phones, tablets, electronic media), including on the basis of British anti-terrorism legislation. It is also possible confiscation of identity documents”, — said in a statement.

The Embassy recommends that citizens of Russia in advance to arrive at the points of entry and departure to Britain, taking into account possible additional checks and delays. In case of transit it is necessary to provide a longer amount of time to “docking”.

“We urge you to carefully keep track of personal belongings and Luggage in order to avoid provocations with a toss of foreign objects. We also recommend you to study carefully the customs and border rules concerning crossing the border to avoid nitpicking or formal claims from local authorities. Given the artificially implanted by the authorities in the British society of Russophobia, it is necessary to avoid conflict with the local population. In order to avoid ambiguity and false accusations, we consider it appropriate, where it is permissible to fix any disputes, unfounded surveys and interviews to available you devices video and audio recordings,” notes the Embassy.

“The Russians, who have questioned the lack of questions or complaints from the authorities of great Britain, and other countries (eg, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, EU and NATO), it is recommended to weigh the expediency of trips to the United Kingdom in order to avoid provocations in connection with the threat of being subjected to detention or arrest by the British requests of foreign law enforcement agencies and special services”, — the statement stresses.

The Russian Embassy in London and Consulate General of Russia in Edinburgh-hour hotline for complaints of Russian citizens caught up in extraordinary situations: + 44 (0) 7768 566 868 (London) and +44 7805 932454 (Edinburgh).
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