McMaster: Russian aggression only strengthens our resolve

The outgoing national security adviser stressed that Moscow’s actions should not go unanswered

Lieutenant General G. R. McMaster on Tuesday delivered a speech at the conference of the Atlantic Council on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the partnership between the United States and the Baltic States, which also were made by the presidents of Latvia and Estonia and the Minister of foreign Affairs of Lithuania.

In his last speech as national security adviser McMaster has criticized Russia for “increasing aggression around the world.”

“We were not able to force Russia to pay dearly enough,” said he, adding that because of this “arrogance of the Kremlin’s growing.”

“Russia uses old and new forms of aggression with the purpose to undermine our open society,” the General said McMaster.

“Some countries have for too long closed its eyes,” he added, listing a number of Russia’s actions, including cyber attacks against the U.S. and its NATO allies and unsafe intercepts of US military aircraft and NATO.

The McMaster praised the reaction of the administration trump to Russia’s actions, especially coordinated expulsion of diplomats in response to the incident in Salisbury.

According to him, expelled diplomats helped to carry the Russian intervention in American politics, and their expulsion from the country, along with the closure of the Consulate in the US will limit the ability of Russia to disseminate propaganda and disinformation and interference in American elections.

“The US President, trump ordered to send dozens of employees of the Russian intelligence and to close the Russian Consulate in Seattle. This step will also help to protect our democratic institutions and processes, because these people organized the Russian campaign of propaganda, disinformation and political sabotage,” said McMaster.

He also gave a warning about those in the US who tend to “romanticize” such regimes as Russian, and think they have justification.

According to him, trump “has repeatedly voiced the truth about these murderous regimes.” “Mr. Putin may think that he wins in this new type of war… he May have thought that our free nation is weak and does not it will react, he said. But he’s wrong. Russian aggression only strengthens our resolve and confidence.”