In Kiev, sharply increased the incidence of autism

The incidence of autism in Kiev over the past eight years grew four and a half times. On Monday, April 2, the day of the dissemination of information about autism,said the Director of the Department of health of Kyiv Valentyna Ginzburg, the press service of the KSCA.

“The prevalence of autism in the world is growing rapidly. In Kiev, the incidence of autism over the past eight years grew four and a half times. Today the capital is home to over a thousand individuals with autism spectrum disorders,” said Ginsburg.

She recalled that the autism in young children is difficult to diagnose.

“Autism affects each person differently. Therefore, the symptoms is different. The insidiousness of autism that notice it during normal short-term review, even a very experienced primary care physician is not always easy…Therefore, great hope is in the primary diagnosis of autism is on the parents and family,” added Ginsburg.

She also listed several of the manifestations that should cause the parents attention to 18 months of age of the child.

“Among them: lack of response to others, even to mom and dad; resistance to embrace the manifestations of parental affection; lack of interest in games for interaction; high sensitivity to sounds, noise, texture objects, new experiences, just unfamiliar. These children may show a tendency to harm themselves and self-aggression: scratching themselves, beating”, – said the Director of the Department.

Also relatives should alert the strange behavior of the child – obsessive repetitive motion, swinging, rotating, whirling.

Earlier it was reported that American scientists have found a way to reduce the risk of autism in children by 30%. The study involved about 270 thousand women and their children aged from four to fifteen years.