Ukrainian radicals are preparing a plan of the siege of the Crimean bridge

MOSCOW, 24 Mar — RIA Novosti. One of the leaders of the so-called “Majlis of the Crimean Tatar people”*, the organizer of the blockade of the Crimea Lenur islyamov made another radical idea — he announced the intention to block the traffic on the Crimean bridge.

First of all, it is suggested to record all traffic passing over the bridge, and to impose sanctions against people falling thus on the territory of Crimea. According Islyamova, they should apply the same restrictive measures as to attending Peninsula artists.

“Commit all people. Name. And to impose sanctions, wherever they moved”, — he declared in interview to the edition “Observer”.

The journalist asked if “the Majlis”* physically obstruct the movement, what islyamov said that this is an option if sanctions do not give any result.

“First, we won’t interfere, we’ll wait and see how will work the sanctions. And, if necessary, prepare for the next steps,” he promised.

What are these steps, he said, but assured that will apply to “non-violent methods of struggle.”
What do you think in the Crimea

In Crimea, the statement Islyamova called “senile”. As noted by the Deputy of the state Council of the Republic Vladislav Gangara, to record all traffic passing over the bridge, you can’t even technically.

“Very different statements we have heard from Ukrainian politicians on our bridge. They did not recognize its existence, then one of the Ukrainian generals are generally offered to bomb it. Now islyamov wants to fix transport, which will be for him to go. In fact, they did not succeed, since no tools for it”, — the Deputy said in comments to RT.

In his opinion, in fact, everything is “empty rhetoric”, by which islyamov trying to get some political dividends.
Plans in the Kherson region

Intentions Islyamova apply not only to the Crimean bridge, and dividends can be not only political. As told RIA Novosti the state Duma Deputy from the Crimea Ruslan Balbec, under the control of one of the leaders of “Majlis”* unable to get transport passenger transport on the Peninsula from the Kherson region.

On the border with Crimea is now a new scandal is brewing between local carriers and representatives of Islyamova, who are mandated to take full control of the transport business in the area of the railway station in Novooleksiyivka.

“Islyamov trying to legalize their business entry into the Crimea, for the selected route and transport. Using their influence to corrupt the Kherson officials, the organizer of the blackout is going to monopolize the transport market between Crimea and Kherson region. In fact, it turns out that every bus which will travel Crimeans, increases islamskoi Treasury and payment of sabotage against the Crimea. And those owners of Shuttle bus service, which will not work in the case of perturbations islyamov will suppress by force, using “manual of the radicals,” said Balbec.

He stressed that among the carriers of many Crimean Tatars living in the Kherson region. “Now they want to deprive the sole income. We receive complaints from the local population to the excesses that create radicals Islyamova,” said Balbec.

The Deputy does not exclude that scandal in the border region can move to the open clashes between the radicals and the local population.
An Ultimatum Poroshenko

Last week islyamov made a demand to the President of Ukraine. He declared that the Majlis”* will organize mass protests if the Kiev authorities will not make the Peninsula “Crimean Tatar national-territorial autonomy”.

We are talking about the consolidation of the Ukrainian Constitution the status of the Crimean Tatars, the recognition of “national government” and “reformatting” of the Crimea in the “national-territorial autonomy”. The bill was introduced into Parliament, another organizer of food and energy blockade of the Peninsula — MP Mustafa Cemil.

According Islyamova, the delay in the adoption of the constitutional reform “very big mistake” Poroshenko.

The Ukrainian President gave time till may 18.

“There quite a bit. Think of all the people waiting now. May 18, we wait, and believe me, neither the state nor Dzhemilev will not keep people from many statements from many things because of the people like a spring, it is kept with dignity,” said islyamov.

No action yet from the President followed.
The case against Islyamova

“The Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people”* recognized in Russia as an extremist organization, its leaders — Lenur islyamov, Mustafa Dzhemilev and Refat Chubarov — have left the Peninsula after its reunification with Russia.

In Russia Islyamova accused on charges of sabotage in the Crimea on 22 November 2015, when the undermining has failed all four power lines coming from Ukraine, and the Peninsula remained without electricity. In addition, islyamov passes on another case — the establishment of an armed battalion in the South of Ukraine the Crimean borders.

* Extremist organization banned in Russia.
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