Orientalist said about the benefits of the visit of the leader of the DPRK in China

MOSCOW, 28 Mar — RIA Novosti. The visit of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN to China was beneficial to both parties, and it definitely should be regarded with the sign “plus”, says Professor of the Russian University of friendship of peoples, orientalist Yuri Tavrovsky.

Visit to China North Korean leader and his wife was held on March 25-27, under the cloak of secrecy: the message about it appeared after the departure of governmental trains from Beijing. He became the first foreign trip of the leader of the country since taking office and the first in 7 years the visit of the head of the DPRK to China since August 2011, when China was visited by the father of the current head of state Kim Jong-Il.

“The visit is very important, the historical, is the first foreign visit of the leader of the DPRK, it comes amid a sharp deterioration of the situation on the Korean Peninsula. The situation is a bit softened in recent weeks, but still sharp. A change in the office (the US President Donald — ed.) trump and the appointment of (Advisor to the President for national security John — ed.) of Bolton, who was always a proponent of tough measures against North Korea, says that the crisis is not over, and its renewal is very possible,” — said the expert RIA Novosti.

Speaking about the reasons for the visit, Kim Jong-UN to Beijing, Tavrovsky first noted the PRC’s desire to regain the levers of influence on Pyongyang and to consolidate the role of key negotiator on the Korean issue.

“This visit is very important for China as the international observers had the impression that China is losing its influence in Pyongyang due to the fact that very reduced economic interaction and the help of China and thus China had no leverage over the DPRK,” said Tavrovsky.

Beijing it is important to have a lever, as in U.S.-China trade conflict Americans have always emphasized that Beijing must solve the problem of North Korea with their hands, said the expert. China, as noted by the political scientist, went further in its optimal pressure on the DPRK. But in terms of strained relations with Washington, China now had nothing to lose, said the expert.

In his view, the Chinese need to show that they are key negotiators on the Korean issue. In turn, Kim Jong Ynu, it is important to weaken the Chinese sanctions and to gain at least limited support. So these two factors together have led to the visit, he said.

Tavrovsky said that specifics on the discussions, there is only a General statement.

The President of China XI Jinping said the leader of the DPRK’s readiness to strengthen relations between the two countries and proposed four principles of developing relations: high-level contacts, the use of proven channels, peaceful development and strengthening of relations, said in a statement on the website of the Chinese foreign Ministry after the meeting.

“It is unlikely that the two leaders met just to exchange platitudes. I think that the negotiations would not have started if it were not clear that they would be meaningful. While there is the traditional promotional hot air – about the indestructible friendship” — says the analyst.

China on Tuesday has informed US about the visit of the leader of the DPRK in Beijing and delivered a message from Chinese President to the us President.

According to taraskovo, in Beijing there is no contradiction. “The Korean problem is an important topic of Sino-American dialogue. The Chinese have informed US, and I think, share an important content of the conversation between the two leaders, it is quite logical,” — concluded the expert.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula escalated dramatically in 2017 after a series of missile and nuclear tests of the DPRK. The UN security Council imposed new, tough sanctions against Pyongyang. USA, South Korea, with whom North Korea has also complicated relations, urged to put pressure on Pyongyang. Russia and China, traditionally advocating the solution of the issue through negotiations, suggested a phased plan for the settlement of the North Korean nuclear problem — the “double freeze”: the abandonment of the DPRK’s new missile and nuclear tests, and then the suspension of military exercises the US and its allies in the region.

A noticeable warming in relations between North and South Korea occurred in connection with preparations for the Olympics in South Korea’s Pyeongchang, the participation of North Korean athletes in the Olympics, visits sister of North Korean leader to South Korea and special envoy of South Korean President to North Korea. At the moment the leaders of the DPRK, the US and South Korea claim the possibility of meetings.
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