In Kiev a car flew into the barrier from behind the bus

In Kiev, in the evening of 1 April, on Victory Avenue Hyundai Accent flew into the barrier and turned over.

It is reported by the Informant.According to the driver of the car, he clipped the bus, after which he lost control and drove into a divider.

In the accident, the driver was not injured. Get out of the overturned Hyundai he helped the people who witnessed the incident.

Medical assistance was provided by a private ambulance that was passing by.

According to eyewitnesses, arrived at the scene, law enforcement officers, but they only filmed it with the phone and went on another call.

We will remind, on March 26 in Kyiv in the South bridge Toyota crashed into the barrier. Earlier, on March 16, in the Obolon district of Kiev, two cars, a difference of 5 hours, flew in the same building pit.