Cooper: “Vidrodzhennya” supports the idea of business on establishment of Ministry of industrial policy

Party “Vidrodzhennya” in favour of reducing the number of ministries of the current government and the resumption of the work of the Ministry of industrial policy. This was stated by the co-chair of the parliamentary group “Party “Vidrodzhennya” Victor Bondar during a speech at a joint meeting of the anti-Crisis Council of public organizations of Ukraine and ULIE, reports a press-service. The meeting was held March 30 at the chamber of Commerce of Ukraine.

According to Victor Bondar, the political force has prepared a draft resolution on the establishment of the Ministry of industrial policy, whose task would be to promote the revival of the domestic industry and the support of Ukrainian exporters.

“Industry representatives during our many meetings point to the problem that the government has no one with whom to work. We therefore support the idea of revival of the Ministry of industry of Ukraine. I believe that today it is possible to reduce a third of the ministries in the government structure, some of them o to join, because they actually just eats money. But the Ministry of industrial policy should be renewed. It should not only coordinate actions in the sectors of industry, but also to attract investment, provide incentives for domestic producers and to support the Ukrainian exporters”, – said Victor Bondar.

He noted that currently, all developed countries realize the powerful policy support national exports and provide incentives for industrial development on its territory.

“Look at China’s policy in recent years. The government deliberately promotes the development of private industry, lends us money against the supply of its products. Look at US policy: they do not do anything that would be contrary to the interests of their producers. Especially during the last years, during the presidency of Donald trump, the United States returned to the country, all the major us corporations and industry. Even the head of Apple said that most of the company’s production is “moved” to the USA, in addition to final Assembly of finished products, which remains in China. And we believe that this experience should be replicated in Ukraine. And we must begin with the revival of the Ministry of industrial policy. This legislative initiative we will now be actively promoted. I hope the relevant decision of the Verkhovna Rada by the fall of 2018,” said co-chair of the parliamentary group “Party “Vidrodzhennya”.

As reported, MPs from the group “the Party “Vidrodzhennya” has submitted to Parliament a draft law on the support of domestic industry, which previously received an approving assessment of the business. The draft law No. 8145 “On amendments to the Tax code of Ukraine concerning stimulation of development of domestic industry” was registered in the Verkhovna Rada on 16 March.