The week Facebook the value fell from $58bn

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Facebook ended the week with $58bn, with a lower value, after his dealing with a historical data breach.

Its founder Mark Zuckerberg apologized for privacy breaches, which affected 50 million users.

The apology came not stop the investor from the sale of shares in Facebook, with many questions, how bad is the damage to the social network.

The injury was as a “light-bulb” moment for the user, spawning one of the social media trend #delete Facebook.

All the negative headlines led some of the advertisers who say “enough is enough”.

Shares of the social media company fell from $176.80 on Monday to around $ 160 from Friday night.Will recover the stock?

Facebook IPO in 2012, cheap shares to $38 per, so that the company is a market valuation of close to $104bn.

The following steady user growth and a dominant space in the digital advertising market position of the revenue, the Facebook-share rose to $190 until February of this year.

Brian Wieser, a senior analyst at Pivotal Research, said he was one of the negative forecasts for Facebook-share on Wall Street.

“I had a $152 price target on Facebook for the year 2018 – and that’s before the events of this week”.

Mr Wieser said the slump in equity prices showed that investors were wary of increased regulation and the user when leaving the work platform “but there is little risk of the advertiser leaving Facebook. Where else would you go?”

Hargreaves Lansdown senior analyst Laith Khalaf in the week, a “damaging episode was said” in the Facebook story.

“One of the secrets of Facebook’s success, the more people use Facebook, the harder it is to its customers. Unfortunately for Facebook, the same dynamic cuts in the opposite direction, if he loses a meaningful number of users as a result of this scandal. “

What was the reaction from advertisers?

Advertising Agency M&C Saatchi founding Director, David Kershaw, is the revelation said that in 2014 are linked to a Facebook quiz, essentially, harvested data from users and their friends, without consent, led to a reaction from advertisers.

“Customers need to come to the point to where enough is enough,” Mr Kershaw said.

Advertisers Mozilla and Commerzbank on Wednesday suspended ads on the social media platform.

On Friday-tech-entrepreneur Elon Musk is the official Facebook had deleted pages for his companies Tesla and SpaceX.

“Make no mistake, Facebook is a great media from the advertiser’s point of view, because of the accuracy of the targeting comes from the data. But I think that these big companies are very nervous, to be connected with a medium, where the data can be abused, especially in a political context,” Mr Kershaw said.

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Mr Kershaw told the BBC of any change in the Facebook privacy policy was rather.from the threat of withdrawal of “hard money from the advertisers rather than consumers, hashtag [campaigns] running on Twitter,” the #delete Facebook and #boycott face book hashtags, which have become popular

UK advertising group ISBA met Facebook on Friday and said that the “constructive and challenging” the summit had convinced the group that the social media company taking steps to “quickly address the public and advertisers ‘concerns”, including the app-audits and face-to-face meetings with each of the UK advertising customers.

It will take some time before it becomes clear if the advertising industry leads the dissatisfaction with Facebook you actually pull your money out of the social network, or whether the cry of condemnation, the amount to mere posturing of a group of affected customers.Did Zuckerberg enough to calm the people?

The Facebook founder is trying to reassure users that “the most important measures to prevent this from happening again, today, we have taken already years ago.”

However, Passion Capital tech investor Eileen Burbidge, who also took on the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Group, said Facebook security for users and customers to for a long time.

“The fact that it took five days to come up with an explanation of what is happening, a fair, sensible and comprehensive statement, it was just much too long,” Mrs. Burbidge said.

“I think they only sound were really numb for many days.”

The technology venture capitalist, said that Facebook underestimated the consumer backlash occurred, as soon as their data for political purposes.

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Cambridge Analytica is in the middle of the row about whether there fluctuate uses the personal data of millions of Facebook users, the result of the US 2016 presidential elections, and the United Kingdom Brexit referendum.

“Some people are with the concept of “political manipulations”.

“They [Facebook] thought they had already taken care of… as they had already changed their terms and conditions of use, for example,” Mrs. Burbidge said.

Mr Zuckerberg’s online statement, he offered a timeline, as Facebook had changed the dates of the approval of agreements with users and other companies, since 2014, personality quiz app was scratching in the data from the quiz-taker, and your contacts, without your Express permission.

Mrs Burbidge said that it is necessary not to be, a new regulation on political campaigns “, which really kept up with social media”.What Facebook users do?

Technology Journalist Kate Bevan said, the events of the week have awakened, Facebook users to the fact that the platform games, Quiz apps, and harvesting could be, your data is for more serious intentions.

“This week feels to me like a real light bulb moment where people understand that it is not only clicking “like” on Facebook, give away their data”.

The sentiment was also from the European Union, EU Commissioner for justice, consumers and gender equality, Vera Jourova, said the Cambridge Analytica allegations are “a huge wake-up call” for Facebook users about the demand for your data.

“The tiger is now out of the cage”.