In the Donetsk region. the judge was fired for stealing tea and watches at the store

The high Council of justice (SCJ) dismissed the judge of Dzerzhinsky city court of the Donetsk region Oksana Buhtiarova for stealing tea and watches shop in Svyatogorsk in the workplace. This was reported on the VSP website.

According to VSP,. about. 14 APR 2016 in working hours was in the store in Svyatogorsk Donetsk region and delivered outside of the protected area box of tea bags and watches.

Stolen goods, the judge put in a bag and covered the top with clothes.

However, the incident was recorded by surveillance camera in the store, and a box of tea and watch soon found in a bag from a judge.

The high Council of justice decided to bring Buhtiarova to disciplinary action and dismiss.

“Third, the disciplinary chamber of the High Council of justice concluded that the acts committed by Buhtiarova O. N., discredit the judge and essentially undermine the authority of justice and incompatible with the tenure of judges”, – stated in the message.

Stated that on Thursday, March 22, the court considered the issue of dismissal of judges based on the decision of the disciplinary chamber of the Third of 24 January.

As reported, in Germany detained two Georgians, who stole from the supermarket toothbrushes for 600 euros.