E-Declaration of award, garages and other scandals: What will be remembered Natalia Korchak as the head of the NACP

The national Agency for prevention of corruption (NACP), apparently, will soon be a new leader: the term of office of the current – Natalia Korchak – expires March 28, and she declares that she is ready to retire.

“Don’t doubt, for a position I do not hold with great pleasure the “burden of fame” will shift to other shoulders. I hope that at an extraordinary meeting will be elected as the new Chairman of the National Agency”, – she wrote on the eve of Facebook.

And these hopes is justified, because in fact the resignation of the head of the NACP required almost all the time her tenure. Sometimes, even colleagues did not support Korczak, stating that it had exhausted its potential and that the Agency needs to be “reset”.

Possible contenders for the post of head of NACP has not yet officially known, however, some media with reference to own sources in the anti-corruption agencies suggest that Korczak, the post will replace one of the new employees of the National Agency Olexander Mangul.

Whether so it actually, we learn in the near future, but for now remember: who is Natalia Korchak and what she will be remembered as the head of the NACP.

Teacher Yatsenyuk and specialist in commercial law

According to his official biography Natalia Korchak was born 14 Oct 1968 in kozyatin in Vinnytsia region.

In 1992 she graduated from the law faculty of Kiev University named after Taras Shevchenko, and then there he defended his thesis in 1996, and later, in 2015, doctoral.

It is noteworthy, PhD thesis, Korczak was on the theme: “Legal issues of antitrust regulation of business in Ukraine”, and the doctor – “State regulation of competition relations in Ukraine (economic and legal aspect)”.

Her arm has more than 90 scientific and methodical works, including one textbook and four textbooks. Some of them she had written herself, some were in collaboration.

As you can see, the element of the future head of NACP – legal science, but their first work experience she received in another area: the first was an employee at industrial site No. 1 of Kozaytyn grain company, then a short time worked in the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine leading specialist of the Department on issues of unfair competition.

His teaching activities Korczak began in 1995 with a position as an assistant in the Department of civil law and process of the Chernivtsi national University. Fedkovych, and then became Professor in the same Department, in General, having worked at the University for about 8 years.

Notably, according to some media, among students Korczak at the time was the current Minister of justice Pavlo Petrenko and the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, whose work she reviewed.

In 2004, Korczak moved to Kiev and joined the staff of the law Institute National aviation University. There she worked until 2013 for the posts of associate Professor and head of and Professor in the Department of commercial law and process.

In 2013, Korczak went to work in the national Academy of Prosecutor’s office: first, to the Department of administrative and financial law, and then to the Department of administrative-legal disciplines.

In addition, on the website of the company, “Hoff Jablonski and partners,” Korczak was listed as lawyer of the Kiev office of the firm.

In December 2015 candidacy Korczak approved special competitive Commission on election of members of the NACP. On the same day by the Cabinet, she was appointed a member of the Agency, and in March 2016, members of the Agency elected Korczak as its Chairman.

Connection with the “people’s front” and the failure of the registry of e-declarations

These two years at the head of the NACP for Korczak was not easy. In fact, her resignation began to demand before she started to perform their authority in a new position.

In particular, when Korczak was elected as a member of NACP, her nomination has outraged members of the platform “Reanimation package of reforms” and anti-corruption organizations. They appealed to the then Prime Minister Yatsenyuk open letter with comments and a call to announce a new contest.

Cited as an argument that Korczak is associated with the Prime Minister and the Minister of justice and therefore cannot be considered as impartial and independent member of the NACP, not that his head.

However, Korczak repeatedly stated that no relationship with former students Yatsenyuk and Petrenko does not support. Immediately after the election of the members of the NACP in interview to the program “Schemes”, she said: “If my relationship with them was… Well, what kind of relationship? I even at the competition said if you were, then maybe I would have long since “moved on”. First, in his age category older than I, and secondly, how many years have passed after the University.”

Over time, public outrage has pripala, although the publication about relationships, Korczak with the “popular front” for some period appeared in the media.

The fact that discontent Korczak had a more substantial reason associated with the introduction of electronic Declaration of incomes and property of officials.

President Poroshenko August 11, publicly demanded that the system was launched in full on August 15. The start of the Western partners of Kiev directly linked with the granting Ukraine visa-free regime with the EU. However, before the widely publicized launch of the state special connection service refused to give the system your certificate and demanded inclusion in the system of urgent improvements.

Korczak guilty in this situation denied. According to her, the electronic Declaration system was developed by local company “Miranda” by order of an international organization, UNDP in Ukraine, but the developers have not provided the requirements of the State.

To solve this problem before August 15 failed and the system declaring a solution of NACP was launched in is not provided by the regulations, without the certificate of conformity. Formally, the deadlines were met, but in fact the system was not working. The next two weeks were spent in frantic attempts to restart the system to hush up the scandal and download the extreme.

However, the formal Declaration system is fully operational only from 1 September, with a two-week delay from the previously agreed timeline for the launch, and with a large number of discrepancies to requirements of the legislation. This gave grounds to talk about the failure of e-declaring in March 2017. Then Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman for the first time Korczak advised to resign.

“You are unable to organize the work of your website, and so you put other people at risk two years in prison. And these people hundreds of thousands in our country”, – he said at a meeting of the government, and after some time he criticized not only the professionalism of the head of the NACP, but also its adequacy.

Not to defend Korczak and her colleagues. For example, a member of the NACP Ruslan riaboshapka called for the resignation of the Manager, stating that she had exhausted its potential and that the Agency needs to be “reset”.

Despite the criticism and suggestions of the Cabinet of Ministers, Korczak resigned not gone, summer reported for the year of work as head of the NACP, noting that its result – the “Troika plus”, and continued to work.

Award, garages and other scandals

In addition to the controversial appointment and critics of professionalism, the share of Korczak as the head of the NACP has had high-profile allegations of corruption.

First, this violation considered the fact that in August, October and November 2016 Korczak wrote out to itself the award in the amount of 200 thousand UAH, as well as a significant premium to the Agency. This she reported to the public in April 2017.

“I didn’t want to pay the premium to Radetsky, and I clearly said that he doesn’t deserve and made no effort to register. July and September we all received a 250% premium, it’s somewhere in the $ 80-90 thousand UAH from the official salary. But then the prize they received the first 100%, I’m currently in the one month he has written 70%, and 170% to align our salary, and then all decided to pay nothing. The prize was some months before the New year. Since December none of the members of the NACP and today not received”, – she said in the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

According to Korczak, in its actions there was nothing illegal, but the public was outraged, and in may, the National anti-corruption Bureau (NAB) initiated an inspection, requiring information on the awards, which in 2016 received the Agency staff, the Cabinet of Ministers.

Later, Korczak became a defendant in another case, the open NABOO. It appeared in November of 2017 immediately after NACP announced that it has made on the head of the NABOO Artem Sytnik, the Protocol on corruption. In particular, Korczak was summoned for questioning to the office of the so-called “case of the Parking lot” (December 2016 in the media appeared information that on parkomesta Korczak parked car, which is not in its Declaration).

SAP, given the potential conflict of interest, demanded to NAB the case and cancelled the interrogation of Korczak. However, the interrogation of the head of the NACP investigators NABOO took place, and later detective NABOO tried to serve her mother-in-law and trapped in the apartment. The latest incident became a huge public outcry. In the end, the actions of the employee of the NABOO, engaged the police, and SAP stated that the relationship between anti-corruption agencies have problems.

Later in the NAB said that in addition to investigating these and other corruption cases, referred to Korczak, but the essence of their claims was not disclosed.

The Declaration of the official

The Chairman of the National Agency for prevention of corruption Natalia Korchak earned in 2016 (Declaration for 2017 yet) more than 1.3 million UAH in NACP and another 57 thousand UAH in the National Academy of prosecution of Ukraine.

Also Korczak declared 12 thousand dollars. cash, a flat area of 88,3 sq. m in Kiev and pointed to the right of ownership to half of the apartments in Kiev area sqm 37,58

The Declaration contains three cars in Kiev, but the vehicles in the ownership of Korczak or members of her family (husband and two sons) are not specified.