The court overturned key evidence to the NEB in the case against the Ministry of defense and “trade, Comodity”

Kyiv district administrative court overturned key evidence to the NEB in the case against the Ministry of defense and “trade, Comodity”. This broadcast of a television said the lawyer of one of the investors of the company and the former Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Vitaliy KASKO, reports “RBC-Ukraine”.

“Kyiv district administrative court overturned the act of the State audit service, which is built on charges of NABOO to the Ministry of defense allegedly causing damage to the state when purchasing fuel at the company” trade, Comodity” he said.

KASKO said that the investigation NABS is based at the act of Deramciclane. The defense Ministry is quite predictable document appealed, and the District administrative court law repealed, declaring it illegal and unfounded. “And now the question arises: what next – rhetorically asked Vitaliy KASKO, – since the Foundation of the prosecution destroyed.”

“This agreement between the defense Ministry and the company “trade, Comodity” the situation is quite simple: there was an auction for the purchase of fuel, won the firm that gave the lowest at that time the price. But almost immediately on the world and, accordingly, the Ukrainian market is rising prices. The law of Ukraine “On public procurement” in such cases allows for the agreement of the parties to amend prices: parties to the transaction sit down at the negotiating table, agree on the new value of the transaction, and then enters the fuel,” – said the lawyer.

KASKO noted that even after the conclusion of additional agreements with the Ministry of defense fuel prices from “trade, Comodity” were the lowest on the market of public procurement. According to him, even NABOO bought more expensive fuel from commercial structures than the military.

“Now about the commercial component. Here I have a simple question: is it difficult to find the components of the cost of the product? Find out the sum of money which “trade, Comodity” was sent abroad in payment for imported fuel, adding the cost of customs clearance, the cost of transporting fuel to military units. Easy exit on level of profitability of the project, – said Vitaliy KASKO. – It was possible to test it? It is possible, because all accounting white. But today none of the law enforcement officers weren’t interested. Neither the Deputy Minister Igor Pavlovsky, nor other participants of the supply of fuel is not questioned. The investigation was not interested in their testimony”.

The former Deputy head of GPU, said that “thanks to” such actions of law enforcement a significant portion of state fuel purchases blocked. Because the oil market is experiencing price fluctuations, which often none of the suppliers of petroleum products does not “Prozora” as prices at the time of bidding and at the time the immediate implementation of the agreement may vary significantly. To its detriment the business does not want to work, and the relative prices facing traders criminal proceedings.

“Or the company is not going to “Prozora” for fear of the jump in prices, which means that they will not be able to supply petroleum products under the declared price, or the big players agree between themselves, establishing in advance their price risks. Who will win? Well, not exactly the state,” said KASKO.

The lawyer said that the characteristic feature of the Ukrainian law enforcement bodies has always been the inability to recognize their own mistakes. However, the NABU as a law enforcement Agency of a new type should afford to go to the cameras and say: we all checked, no violations, sorry. “Unfortunately, I have not heard such in their statements in any case. For ordinary people it is very important that law enforcement officers planted just corrupt and not someone corrupt “appointed” to meet public demand and no real evidence of corruption”, – concluded Vitaly KASKO.

We will remind, in October 2017, the NAB accused the officials of the Ministry of defense in the alleged embezzlement of nearly 150 million UAH for the purchase of fuel for the army.

Representatives of the defense Ministry for its part appealed against the actions of NABOO in court. As a result of unproven accusations of NABOO were disrupted fuel supplies to the Armed forces in the amount of almost UAH 700 mn.