The American Prosecutor has accused Iran of involvement in the hacking of the server UN

WASHINGTON, Mar 23 — RIA Novosti. The Prosecutor’s office for the southern district of new York filed 9 Iranians accused of hacking into the servers of the United Nations and the government of the United States, said at a press conference in Washington, DC attorney for the southern district of new York Jeffrey Berman.

“The victims were the Ministry of labour, the UN and the Federal energy regulatory Commission,” said Berman.

According to him, hackers broke into 36 large companies in all sectors, including legal, financial, medical, biotech and others.

Earlier, first Deputy Prosecutor General Kind of Rosenstein said that the same group hacked 320 universities in 22 countries, stealing information, for $ 3.4 billion. According to him, they worked on behalf of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC) — Iran’s state paramilitary organizations.

The U.S. Treasury made the list of sanctions 9 Iranians and the Institute, as well as another citizen of Iran who was charged in 2017 in hacking servers of HBO.