In the Senate supported the expulsion of Russian diplomats

Democratic Senator Ben Cardin believes that Russia should be responsible for their actions

Democratic Senator, a member of the international relations Committee of the Upper chamber of Congress, Ben Cardin believes that the expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats from the USA is “the proper response to Putin’s actions in the UK.” He stated this in an interview with CNN. “It was the right thing to support Europe in this matter,” he added.

The Senator believes that the White house needs to give a proper response to the Russian intervention in the elections in 2016. “The Congress by a majority of votes supported the introduction of sanctions against Russia for their attack on us… However, sanctions were never imposed.”

“The President of the United States must speak about what Russia has done. There are several ways to do this, for example, to impose sanctions in respect of the use of our banking system or to limit the possibility of obtaining Russian oligarchs visas for travel to the United States,” added the Senator.

However, the Senator said that the United States would like to have positive relations with Russia. “I would like to see that Russia adheres to international norms. We need to cooperate with Russia in the fight against extremism and terrorists in the world. Russia has the right to vote and the right of veto in the UN security Council. To solve North Korean problems, we need Russia’s help,” said Ben Cardin.