In Georgia accidentally found in the forest of the unknown ruins of an ancient monastery

Tbilisi. March 26. INTERFAX – the Ruins of an unknown until today, the monastery complex discovered in the Georgian region of Kvemo Kartli.

As reported by the National Agency for the protection of cultural heritage of Georgia, the ruins discovered in a mountainous area near the Tetritskaroy located in the municipality of Petretsovo monastery.

The discovery was made accidentally ruins noticed in the forest, the employees of a mining company in the course of geological prospecting.

To study the facility the place was sent to a special group, which included art historians, historians, architects and other professionals.

It is reported that information about this monastery could not find in any of the available historical and scientific sources. Surveys of local residents showed that they, too, know nothing about the object.

Experts suggest that one of the buildings on the monastery grounds was hall Church VIII-IX centuries.

Already started the procedures required to assign the detected object a status of immovable monument of cultural heritage, is scheduled to begin a detailed study of the object, including archaeological work.