Germany – Brazil: the Online broadcast of the match

Germany – Brazil. When was the last time these teams met on the field, the Brazilian team was destroyed with the score 1:7. Online broadcast of the match Germany- Brazil will start on at 21:15.

27 Mar, 21:45Berlin, the “Olympic stadium”Friendly matchGermany – Brazil

The famous defeat that forced me to cry all of Brazil, took place in the summer of 2014. Since then the team has changed a lot. But both approach the world Cup in Russia in the status of the favorites of the tournament. This means that in the confrontation with such a powerful sign of the first and second teams of the world will approach with the utmost seriousness to this confrontation.

The Germans after the qualifying of the tournament played three draws in friendlies against England (0:0), France (2:2) and Spain (1:1). Given the style of play of Brazilians who love to move a lot and quickly to play the ball, the Germans will play their attacks, which did not allow them to do the British and the Spaniards.

The Brazilians easily coped with the attempts of the Japanese and the Russians not to miss, and both have scored three goals. And only in the match against England to score goals, no one managed.

The Germany midfielder Ilkay Gundogan:

“We all misunderstand and mistrust watched the game with Brazil. The score 7:1 for the semi-finals of the World Cup is not normal. The current Brazil team is not the same that was in 2014, their composition has changed significantly, so do not remember the result of that meeting. Now for both teams is a normal game. Of course, now the team Titus is one of the favorites of the world Cup”.

Forecast bookmakers:

Winline: victory in Germany – 2.53, draw – 3.41, Brazil – 2.76Marathonbet: win Germany – 2.53, draw – 3.46, Brazil – 2.93

Forecast 2:2