Billion euro cyber-suspects arrested

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A cyber mastermind, suspected of stealing about £870m (€1 billion) has been arrested in Spain.

The Person is allegedly the head of the organised crime gang that ran the Carbanak-and cobalt-malware campaigns that targeted banks.

Europol said the group had been active since 2013 have infiltrated more than 100 banks in this time.

Cash was siphoned off by Bank transfer or issued automatically by the cash machines. Luxury Goods

The arrest was a “significant success” against a top-cyber-crime-group, Steven Wilson, head of Europol’s Cyber Crime Centre (EC3), which coordinated the long-term, cross-border investigation in the group. said in a statement.

“The arrest of the main character in this crime group shows that cyber-criminals are hiding behind the perceived international anonymity,” he said.

The cyber-thieves received their malware on the bank’s networks through the send key staff booby-trapped phishing E-Mails, said Europol. The gang used three separate malware generations, which penetrate in each case a more Mature than the last, and then lurk on financial networks.

As soon as the machinery of key employees have been compromised, the gang used their remote access to banking networks, to steal money in various ways.
cash machines were ordered, to remotely dispense money at specific times -, mules, and other gang members to draw the notes
inter-bank-money-transfer-systems were instructed to move cash in criminal accounts
Databases have been modified to increase the account balance. Mules then removes the money via cash machines

Money was washed, crypto-currencies and credit cards that were used to luxury goods such as cars and houses to buy.

Europol, the FBI, the cyber-security of business and politics, the forces in Spain, Romania, Belarus, and Taiwan all together to track down the gang, said the European order factor.