“Hear nature”, free Svidovets and dozens of events in over 70 cities: How they will celebrate Earth Hour in 2018 in Ukraine

The last Saturday in March (in 2018 is March 24) around the world held the most mass in the history of mankind campaign – “Earth Hour”. Its completion will be symbolic off about 2 billion people from over 184 countries around the world optional lights and electric devices in exactly one hour – from 20:30 to 21:30. No, this is not a call for energy savings, and attempt to attract the attention of mankind to the health of our planet, which is far from ideal.

It is worth noting that the Ukrainians will join the international environmental campaign is the 10th year in a row. In addition to traditional blackouts in the country planned and a number of other events. What? Tell.

“Hear nature”

The theme of this campaign “Time Land” – Connect2Earth (“Catch the relationship with the Land”). According to the organizers, they tried a modern twist the message: people today are cut off from the Earth, so we invite everyone to reconnect and start to take care of the nature around.

“In 2012, the number of populations of terrestrial species declined by 38%, freshwater 81%, sea-by 36%. Not “catch” the communication – the situation will deteriorate. Our planet is a network of billions of organisms, systems and phenomena, this multivolume that surrounds us 24/7, gives us water, air, resources. And it does not belong to us, we are just part of it. This Earth Hour we would like people to feel their close connection with the universal web of life”, – says Elena Tarasova-Krasiiv, coordinator for WWF in Ukraine.

In other words, tune into the frequency of the planet. Therefore, the organization invites the Ukrainians to start the Earth Hour 2018 with sound. This was specifically developed an initiative called “Hear nature”. In DJ tracks turn to us Eurasian lynx, brown bear, pink Pelican and otter river – all of these animals symbolize the basic natural system of Ukraine, however, are about to disappear, if we won’t save them from extinction.

The Eurasian lynx is a predator-”professional”, which apparently differs from other felids are disproportionately long hind legs, excellent coat and characteristic tufts on the tips of the ears that allow the beast to hear even very quiet sounds. Unlimited hunting and deforestation led to the fact that the species is found only in a few forested areas.

The brown bear is a priority species for conservation. In Ukraine there are roughly only 220 individuals. Taking into account the dependence of bears from large natural areas, they are important indicators for a number of other wildlife species.

Pelican pink on the territory of Ukraine is a seasonal migrant and is considered an endangered species, nests in the Danube Delta biosphere reserve, black sea biosphere reserve, lower Dniester national nature Park, regional landscape Park “Kinburn spit” and on the Swan Islands in the Crimea. Among the main threats to the species researchers: the persecution of man, reducing the area of villages and feed reserves following the adjustment of water flow, use of large amounts of fresh water for irrigation and periodic natural fluctuations in flooding territories.

Otter river is a relatively large provodnoy a mammal of the family Mustelidae. Today there is no accurate data regarding the number of river otters in Ukraine. According to the latest edition of the red book of Ukraine, their number — about 10 thousand individuals. Negatively on its population affect agricultural activities of man within the natural habitat of the animal and excessive hunting.

Free Svydovets

On the eve of Earth Hour started in Ukraine Svydovets Free campaign, which aims to protect one of the most beautiful and valuable parts of the Ukrainian Carpathians – Svydovets range from building and total urbanization.

The Svydovets is extremely important for conservation of landscape and biotic diversity of the Carpathians. Here there are dozens of rare and endangered species of plants, are the migration routes of key and valuable animal species. It is from here originates the largest tributary of the Danube – Tisza river.

Besides, on the territory of the Svydovets is also prepolovenka forests, seven, unique for Ukraine, glacial lakes and many other natural resources.

So this Earth Hour, WWF in Ukraine calls on Ukrainians to sign a petition to President Petro Poroshenko, Cabinet of Ministers and Ministry of ecology and natural resources to protect the unique mountain range.

Dozens of unique events

This year about 70 cities of Ukraine decided to Express its support for Earth Hour. And, according to the organizers, this number is increasing daily.

It is already known that one hour in Zhytomyr will go out of the building of the Zhytomyr city Council, Zhytomyr regional state administration, Mikhailovskaya street, Queen square; in luck will disable the backlight of monuments, the city’s main structures, as well as the symbol of the city of Lutsk castle; in Lviv will turn off the external illumination of the historic and important institutions within the city centre and the Cathedral of St. George, the tower in the High Castle and Lviv city Council; in Odessa, in the darkness immersed the Odessa national academic theatre of Opera and ballet Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral and the centre of the city on Primorsky Boulevard, Dumskaya square and City hall, Ekaterininskaya square, Deribasovskaya street, Pushkin and the like; in Ternopil shut off lighting the main symbol of the city – Ternopil castle; in Kharkov will turn off the backlight of the Youth Park, the square near Kharkiv national academic theater of Opera and ballet. N. V. Lysenko, Constitution square.

Along with the symbolic turning off the light in a number of settlements of Ukraine will be held other special events.

For example, in Kiev from 20:00 on 24 March in the cinema House (str Saksahanskoho 6) will take place in the dark concert dedicated to the planet.

In Bila Tserkva citizens are invited to join the ECO-RACE alleys of the Park “Alexandria” will start at 10:00 on March 24.

For Vinnitsa Earth Hour kicks off today, March 23, with movie nights Eco Movie Night from 18:00 to 21:00 at the NGO-HUB (Pushkin’s street, 11). And tomorrow, March 24, from 10:00 to 15:00 in the lobby of the city Council will continue the campaign to collect waste paper. Also on this day from 18:00 to 21:00 you can visit the acoustic concert “Music in darkness” (Pushkin street, 11, in NGO-HUB).

In Zhitomir at 15:00 on 24 March planned eco-lecture, where we will discuss the necessity of sorting waste, caring for homeless animals and eco-routes. And during the blackout in the center of development of local self – Mikhaylovskaya St., 8/1, second floor, will host a jam by candlelight.

In Sumy Earth Hour will begin with a viewing of the film “House” in Sumy city gallery (street Cathedral, 27) 12:00 24 Mar. And in the evening from 20:30 to 21:30 will take place the action “candle light Dinner for the Planet” in some places of the city.

A full list of events can be found on the website of WWF in Ukraine.