The iconostasis of the new Moscow Cathedral made of a three hundred year old oak that fell during last year’s hurricane

Moscow. March 19. INTERFAX – the Temple in honor of the 12 apostles in Horine in the North of Moscow is built of larch by hand according to ancient Russian technology, told reporters Advisor to the Moscow mayor and Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, state Duma Deputy Vladimir resin.

According to him, the temple in Khovrino is interesting for its technical solution and design. The quadrangle of size 11 by 11 square metres, made without a single support thanks to the laminated beams supporting the structure. Beam special – with steel filling. Such technologies in the capital has not yet been used. This allowed the wooden Church make is much larger.

Today the temple has already installed the cross and the dome ends interior decoration, work on the iconostasis. As told by the parish priest Ilia boyar, he is a wooden, carved, working on masters of the Trinity Sergius Lavra. Its history is interesting: the iconostasis is made from three hundred year old oak, which stood last year at the necropolis of the Donskoy monastery.

“It was one of the oldest oaks in Moscow, – said the Bishop of Bronnitsy Paramon, and when he after last year’s hurricane collapsed, we have donated valuable wood to the parish of the Church of the 12 Apostles – let the part of our 300-year history, will move to the new temple.”

Only on the territory of Northern district of Moscow selected 26 plots for temples. One Church commissioned in the active phase of construction are six, in two locations design work.