Gross external debt of Ukraine in 2017 rose 2.59% to 116.6 billion dollars

Gross external debt of Ukraine at the beginning of 2018 was $ 116,578 billion., what is 2.59% more than the beginning of 2017. This was reported on the website of the NBU.

Debt of public administration in 2017, increased by 6.55% to 38,886 billion., liabilities NBU – by 19.16% to 7,438 billion. Government debt and liabilities of the NBU is represented exclusively by long-term borrowing.

The liabilities of other sectors in the reporting period increased by 2.15% to 54,466 billion., direct investments – by 10.89% to 9,552 billion.

Depository corporations have reduced debt by 30.45% to 6,236 billion.

The lion’s share of the gross external debt are presented in United States dollars – 71,4%. Another 12.7 percent are liabilities in euros and 12% in SDR (special drawing rights).

The national Bank also said that net foreign gross assets as at the beginning of 2018 was $ 4,111 billion., whereas at the beginning of October, net gross external debt amounted to 1,689 billion., at the beginning of 2017 – to 1.52 billion.

As reported, the gross external debt of Ukraine in the third quarter rose to 117,350 billion.