General Scaparotti: in the struggle with Russian cyber threat lack of coordination

Us administration warns that Russia is trying to influence the approaching the coming Congressional elections

Commander of US forces in Europe, General Curtis Scaparrotti said Thursday that the U.S. government has no single effective approach to dealing with the Russian cyber threat. The U.S. government has repeatedly warned that Russia is trying to influence the midterm elections of 2018 by hacker attacks and the spread of propaganda in social networks, as was done during the election campaign of 2016.

Lawmakers, especially Democrats, accused the administration of three are not active enough against hackers. Some of them emphasize the need to fully new approach on the governmental level.

“I don’t believe that at the interagency level there is an effective common approach, if we talk about energy and concentration (of forces) that we could achieve,” said Scaparrotti, who is also the Supreme commander of the United armed forces of NATO in Europe, at hearings in senatorial Committee on armed forces.

The leading Democrat on the Committee, Jack reed, asked Scaparotti whether he thinks that the various branches of government are coordinated efforts with the Russian cyber threat.

He called unsatisfactory performance of the US about the Russian cyberinfrastructure.

“We are starting to understand it better, but I would not say that at the moment we have a clear picture. I’m not satisfied”, – he said.

American intelligence agencies believe that Russia was trying to influence the outcome of elections in 2016 and increase the chances of trump to win. Those findings overshadowed the first 14 months of his administration and led to numerous congressional investigations and a criminal investigation led by spectaculorum Robert Mueller.

Moscow denies meddling in the elections, but trump insists that any collusion between his approach and Russia was not.

Answering the question of whether Russia uses tools of cyber warfare and the information war directly against the United States, Scaparrotti noted that he observed Russian activities related to the infrastructure of the United States, however, did not go into details.

A senior American intelligence said Tuesday that the administration trump is actively involved in efforts to combat Russian interference election, while warning that malicious activity from Moscow continues.