The judge suggests Trumpet-mute Twitter critics


A judge has informed the AMERICAN President Donald Trump for cutting rather than blocking its Twitter critics after the users of the service have filed a lawsuit against him.

Seven people, said Mr. Trump after he was blocked from seeing his tweets, on the grounds that it was contrary to the constitution.

But the District court Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald has suggested the president to mute accounts that he does not want to see.

“Is not this the answer which he has just cut the sound of the person that he finds personally offensive?” she asked the New York court.

“He could not avoid hearing by muting them,” she added.

People on Twitter are unable to see or respond to the tweets of accounts of the block.

But if Mr. Trumpet mute an account, he would not see that user’s tweets, but the user can still see and respond to her.

The president is an avid user of forums of social media, and has over 48 million followers on his @realDonaldTrump account, which he uses to praise the allies and to lambast the critics.

The end of the Twitter post by @realDonaldTrump

The hearing Thursday came after a lawsuit was filed in July by the Knight of the First Amendment of the Institute, a freedom of speech group at Columbia University.

Seven Twitter users involved in the legal action say that their accounts have been blocked by the president, or his entourage, after they responded to her tweets with, mocking, or critical comments.

The complaint says that by blocking these people, Mr. Trump has prevented them from joining the online conversation.

The government says that the president can choose who he interacts with on Twitter.
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Katie Fallow, a lawyer representing the Twitter users, said the president had blocked the people “, simply because they criticise him.”

She said that this represented “viewpoint discrimination that violates the First Amendment”, which guarantees the right to free expression under the constitution of the united states.

One of the users, Philip Cohen, said Mr. Trump blocked after he responded to one of his tweets with a model of the image of a label the president a “corrupt, incompetent authoritarian”.

“At the beginning, I was a little proud, ‘oh he cares about me,”” he told the news agency.

“But then, very quickly, I realized that far fewer people were seeing my tweets and my political effectiveness, my ability to speak to my fellow-citizens, has been altered by that. And I think that this is not the way our government should act.”

The end of the Twitter post by @familyunequal

But the Department of Justice attorney Michael Baer has said that the president is free to decide who he interacts with it.

“The president has an associative interest to decide who he will spend his time with a setting of,” he said.

The lawyers of both parties have said they would consider inhibition as a possible solution to the prosecution.

“If there is a settlement that serves the interests of both parties, it is often considered to be the wisest thing to do,” Judge Buchwald said towards the end of the hearing.