Putin spoke about the benefits of service in the KGB

Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview on NBC talked about how he was helped by the experience of service in the KGB. Transcription of the interviews published on the Kremlin website on Saturday, March 10.

“It was useful for me when I moved into the civil sphere. In this sense, this positive experience helped me,” said he.

The head of state stressed that in the service he received skills of work with people “ability to establish contacts, and to spark some action, to bring people together”. This experience helped him when he was appointed assistant rector of Saint Petersburg state University immediately after the departure of intelligence.

“Then I was Deputy mayor of St. Petersburg. Responsibility even greater, more wide. I was responsible for international relations of St. Petersburg, with five million inhabitants of the metropolis. First met while working in St. Petersburg, in this position, with Henry Kissinger. All this helped, of course, in the work then, and then additional experience helped to work in Moscow”, — said Putin.

The Russian President found it difficult to answer the question, does his experience in the KGB advantage over colleagues, but stressed that random people do not occupy these positions. “The only thing I know, my partners, the heads of state and government is exceptional, outstanding people (…). And each of them has its own advantages over the other”, — Putin said.

Also in an interview with NBC, the President of Russia reiterated the US charges of meddling in American elections and stated that the USA is constantly interfering in elections in Russia.More important news Telegram-channel “Tape days”. Signed!