Florida has tightened the rules of circulation of arms

Republican Governor Rick Scott approved the previously adopted law

Rick Scott, Governor of Florida, and a longtime ally of the National rifle Association (NSA), signed a law that tightened the rules of circulation of weapons in the state.

The law provides for raising the minimum age of sale of weapons from 18 years to 21 years, longer check wanting to acquire firearms, and a permit to concealed carry weapons, some officers in schools.

This law was passed after the massacre at the school in the city’s Parkland: a gunman shot and killed 14 teenagers and three teachers. The prompt action of the Florida legislature, dominated by Republicans, working with the NSA, were made possible through the efforts of outraged students.

The actions of the authorities of Florida can attest to the fact that the balance of power between supporters of tightening the rules of circulation of weapons and opponents of these measures have changed: legislation aimed at tightening control, now discussed in more than 20 States, many of them are considered the most conservative.