William Tyrrell, the mother of Karlie’s violent past: assaults

WILLIAM Tyrrell, the mother of Karlie Tyrrell has a violent past, with convictions for serious assaults and destruction of property, news.com.au can reveal.

Karlie Tyrrell, who gave a pay-TV interview last Sunday saying that she was the victim of domestic violence, is herself the author in the three serious assaults.

Two of the attacks has been found guilty of that were against women police officers.

Now 29 years old, Ms Tyrrell’s record of violence dating back to 2006, when she was 18 years of age, the documents obtained by the news.com.au to reveal.

During an assault in 2010, she hit a police officer in the face, while the celebration of his 22nd birthday.

William was removed from his mother’s care two years later, in September of 2014 disappeared while playing in his foster grandmother’s house in Kendall, on the mid North Coast of new south WALES.

His kidnapping sparked Australia’s largest manhunt and is an ongoing investigation by the NSW Homicide Squad’s strike Force Rosann.

Ms Tyrrell the following serious conviction, for assault occasioning actual bodily harm, common assault and destroy or cause damage to property, occurred at the beginning of 2014, six months before the age of three, William disappeared.

Lack William Tyrrell, the mother of Karlie has a history of violent attacks going back years. Picture: Sunday Night

Karlie Tyrrell, of 29 years, has convictions for serious assault and destruction of property. Photo: Sunday Night.

Karlie Tyrrell lost William to foster care before she was later kidnapped by unknown assailants.

Karlie Tyrrell, pregnant with William, and his brother Ash in 2011.

William grandmother, Natalie Collins, told the news.com.au that Ms Tyrrell assaulted the child’s biological father, Brendan Collins responded to the Granville village house in which the couple was living.

Ms Tyrrell was convicted in Parramatta Local Court in August 2014, for three charges and placed under community supervision by the NSW probation and parole the Authority.

The legal documents reveal Ms Tyrrell is listed as having several aliases known to police.

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Ms Tyrrell will be sentenced next week for assaulting a police officer and the use of offensive language after she twice spat on an officer in the Top Ryde shopping centre last December.

Ms Tyrrell was with his two sons, who are the biological brothers of William Tyrrell, to the 9.30 of the night, when she four times called a two-woman police patrol “c**ts”.

She said: “f**k off that ranga c**t” before retracting its head back and spit twice on the wife of the sheriff of the eyebrow and the cheek.

William’s birth parents, Karlie Tyrrell and Brendan Collins.

The police poster for lack of William Tyrrell, who was abducted in 2014.

Karlie Tyrrell with their children shopping in Westmead last year before she was arrested for her third assault crime. Photo: Justin Lloyd

Karlie Tyrrell sheds a tear on the last weekend of the Sunday Night interview, his first tv appearance.

Ms Tyrrell of the March 19 hearing will be the second time that she has been convicted of assaulting a police officer in the execution of duty, news.com.au can reveal.

On the previous occasion, in Ryde Local Court in 2010, a judge of the rewarded Ms Tyrrell with a 12-month good behaviour bond.

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In 2009, he was twice convicted for theft of items valued at less than $2000 in the Ryde area and fined a total of $400.

Karlie Tyrell, up in Burwood court in January, will be sentenced next week for assaulting a female police officer. Photo: Peter Rae.

William Tyrrell riding a scooter with her sister who was playing with him when he disappeared.

William’s father, Brendan Collins, is due for release.

William grandmother of Nat Collins with a young Brendan.

In 2010, Ms Tyrrell had gone to the Ryde area to celebrate his 22nd birthday with family members in the house of his father. A relative was at the time of a court-ordered curfew.

The police were called to the home after neighbors reported the noise in the street and were found with Ms of Tyrrell in the road.

During a heated exchanged that occurred with a female police officer, she struck the officer in the face.

Ms Tyrrell was found guilty and sentenced at Ryde Local Court in August of 2010, accused of assaulting an officer and resisting an officer in execution of duty, fined a total of $500 and placed on a 12-month bond.

William was removed from the care of Ms Tyrrell and Mr Collins at the beginning of 2012, when he was eight months old and placed with a host family.

There is no suggestion that any of William’s biological family or your host family has nothing to do with her disappearance.

Child protection laws guarding the pair of the identity and the fact William was promoted out were uplifted by a NSW Supreme Court order late last year.

Lord Collins is due for release after serving a two month sentence for minor theft and drug charges.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the missing William Tyrrell should contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.


Karlie Tyrell with his father David, in whose home she was celebrating her 22nd birthday in 2014, when she assaulted a female police officer. Photo: Peter Rae.
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