New Yorker: Russia prevented the appointment of Romney’s Secretary of state

In the journal says that Russia used “certain channels” to influence the choice of President trump

According to the New Yorker magazine, the Russian authorities claim they prevented the appointment of former Republican presidential candidate MITT Romney, U.S. Secretary of state under President Donald trump.

In the material about a former British spy Christopher Touch, the publication notes that Steele made the special dossier, the source of which was “senior Russian official”. This source said that some employees of the Russian foreign Ministry claimed that he had prevented the appointment of Romney the head of the state Department.

In the Memorandum Steele says that Russia used “certain channels” to demand that trump has chosen a Secretary of state who would be removed from “Ukraine related sanctions”, stated in the publication. The Kremlin, as noted by the New Yorker, also allegedly wanted the head of the state Department made concessions to Russia on the issue of Syria, where Moscow backs President Bashar al-Assad in a protracted civil war.

It was reported that Romney was one of the candidates for the position of Secretary and met with trump during the transition period. But in the end, the President stopped on the candidacy of Rex Tillerson, who became the head of American diplomacy.

Steele made unconfirmed and controversial dossier, which described alleged connections trump with the Kremlin. The document has attracted attention in the investigation of the Russian intervention in the elections of the President of the United States and possible links between campaign headquarters, trump and Moscow.