The state Department accused North Korea of using chemical weapons

New sanctions against Pyongyang will come into force on 6 March

The U.S. state Department formally accused the North Korean authorities in the production and use of chemical weapons. According to the Department for international security and non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction the us diplomatic corps, Pyongyang used the nerve agent VX to assassinate half-brother of the leader of North Korea. Kim Jong-Nam, was killed in the attack at the international airport of Kuala Lumpur in the past year.

The results of the investigation of this crime has not yet officially disclosed. However, the US state Department has announced new sanctions against Pyongyang. The ban on providing foreign aid and any kinds of cooperation with enterprises of the DPRK shall enter into force on Monday 6 March.

That the North Korean authorities have used chemical weapons previously mentioned and the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson. In January of this year, answering a question of journalists, he said that Washington is “aware” of the application Pyongyang of various types of such weapons.

According to the Pentagon, North Korea has stockpiles of chemical weapons for artillery charges, as well as developing nerve, suffocating and other substances.

According to experts, the murder of Kim Jong-Nam in Malaysia 13 February 2017 was yet another confirmation of the earlier data from refugees from North Korea who claimed that the authorities widely use chemical weapons to conduct experiments on prisoners.

To the conclusion that the attempted half-brother, Kim Jong-UN had used chemical weapons early and professional toxicologists in Malaysia.

UN experts say that the technology for the production of chemical weapons Pyongyang in recent years has supplied to Syria. The report, expected to be published in the near future, said that in August, the DPRK delivered to Damascus high pressure valve and thermometers that are used in the production of chemical weapons. Experts from North Korea take part in the development of programs for the creation of chemical weapons and missiles in several countries in the Middle East, according to a UN report.

At the end of the week Pyongyang has denied reports of cooperation with the regime in Syria. In a statement released by the DPRK mission to the UN, said that North Korea “has never been seen in the development, production and possession of chemical weapons”.