High-profile accidents in Kharkiv: drones refused to appeal against the arrest

Party fatal accident on 18 October in Kharkov, the driver of the car Volkswagen Touareg Gennady drones, refused to challenge the decision of the court which appointed him detention until 10 February 2018. On Thursday, January 4, reported the press service of the Appeal court of Kharkiv region.

“Prior to appellate review from Gennady Dronova received a statement in accordance with part 1 of article 403 of the criminal procedure code of Ukraine regarding the refusal of the filed appeal. Similar content the application is filed and attorney Gennady Dronova,” the statement reads.

By results of consideration of the petition, the Board of judges made the decision on closing the appellate proceedings.

Recall, October 18, in Kharkov, the Lexus, at the wheel which there was a female driver born in 1997, standing on a red light at high speed crashed into a car Volkswagen Touareg. The impact Lexus threw out on the sidewalk Sumskaya St., where at this time there were dozens of pedestrians. The drivers of both vehicles survived, they were taken for examination for the presence of alcohol or drugs. In the accident 5 people were killed, another 6 were hospitalized.

Suspect in fatal accidents Elena Zaitseva a preventive measure of arrest for 2 months without the right to bail. The court also took her driver license and seized Lexus and Volkswagen.

Examination revealed the presence of codeine in her system. Zaitsev admitted his guilt.

On 13 December the Kiev district court of Kharkov left the custody of the second party fatal accident, Gennady Dronova, until February 10, 2018. He was taken into custody November 8.