Documents instead of “cries in Congress,” Putin responded to a list of Muller

MOSCOW, 3 Mar — RIA Novosti. US authorities charged 13 of the Russians of interfering in American elections, should instead “cries in Congress” to provide official documents, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in interview to TV channel NBC.

“I have to see first what they did. Give us the materials. Give us the information. With all due respect to you personally, with all due respect to Congress, you have to have people with diplomas in jurisprudence, 100% should be”, — Putin said. His words are given in reverse translation from English.

The observation leading channel Megan Kelly, she has a law degree, Putin explained: “People who are well-educated, must understand that we in Russia can not prosecute anyone who has violated the laws of Russia. You have to understand what is required in an official request to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation. Let us document a formal requirement”.

“It has to go through official channels and not through the press or the screaming and yelling in the U.S. Congress”, — he concluded.
The List Of Muller

The office of the special U.S. attorney Robert Mueller, who is investigating the so-called Russia’s intervention in the American elections in 2016, in February published the indictment against the persons suspected of Commission of this crime.

The document in the office Mueller was prepared nine months contains about 40 pages and 13 the names of the Russians. They all headed restaurateur Yevgeny Prigozhin, according to spectracolor wanted, but was unable to affect the results of presidential elections in the United States.

Moscow does not exclude that it would respond to possible US sanctions against the Russians from “Muller’s list”. Russian Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov recalled that the authorities always react to such measures.

“We have our own lists of persons who are restricted entry to Russia, there are other forms of response. I’m not ruling anything out, but before to talk about it, we have to see what will happen in this story”, — said the diplomat.
The illusion of “dashing 90-x”

Earlier, foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the Russophobic policy of the West, expressed in various kinds of accusations and “assaults”, was born out of shock that Western politicians have experienced from the collapse of their illusions about the permissiveness towards Russia.

“This illusion was strengthened in the “dashing 90-e” when we worked the Western, American, European advisors in various key ministries, when the privatization was carried out according to their patterns,” said the head of the diplomatic Department.

But in 2000-e years Russia “has started to realize that it is not a country that just appeared out of nowhere, a country with a millennial history”, which people are proud, said the Minister.

“It was a shock to those who were in the captivity of illusions about the permissiveness towards Russia. They are from this shock, in my opinion, still can’t get over it,” said Lavrov, adding, “and then it all went to the current “swoops” and “intervention”.

As an example, he cited the American investigation of the mythical “interference” in the elections.