US lawmakers against cuts in spending on diplomacy and foreign aid

The initiative of the President trump do not support even some of his party members

The proposal of the President of the United States Donald trump to cut funding for diplomatic corps and foreign aid caused an immediate resistance in Congress.

Against this voted Democrats, and some Republican lawmakers, seeing the initiative of the President reduced spending on “soft power”, which, in their opinion, is of great importance in terms of global threats.

The Chairman of the house Committee on foreign Affairs, Republican ed Royce suggested that the members of his party and Democrats to unite to fight the cuts.

The administration has requested for the state Department and the Agency for international development $ 37.8 billion, which is about a third less than their costs in 2017.

“A powerful bipartisan coalition in Congress had already stopped the serious budget cuts of the state Department and the Agency for international development, which would undermine our national security. This year again we will take measures”, – reads the statement of Royce.

Trump has offered billions of dollars in reductions last year, which caused serious objections from Democrats and many Republicans in Congress, who said that the cost of international relations and development, the so-called “soft power”, are an important component of national security.

A significant portion of the proposed cuts were rejected by Congress in adopting a comprehensive law on the budget for the financial year ended 30 September 2017.

“Thanks to diplomacy, America has remained strong, and our forces are not included in the fighting – said Royce. – Our country faces real threats from North Korea, Iran and terrorists worldwide.”

Senator Patrick Leahy, the senior Democrat at the Senate Committee on appropriations, called the proposed trump spending cuts on foreign aid and the state Department are “simplistic” and “arbitrary”.