Takata reached airbag regulations in the US

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The american branch of the Japanese manufacturer Takata has entered into an agreement with 44 U.S. state, attorneys general, claims that are hiding dangerous defects in its explosion of airbags.

The airbags to be defective have been linked to at least a dozen people dead and more than 100 wounded people in the world.

The settlement includes a civil penalty of nearly $ 650 million (£465.9 m).

Takata’s US arm is currently in bankruptcy proceedings, however, so that the penalty will not be collected.

Because Takata doesn’t have the money, the states “have agreed not to collect this civil penalty in order to maximize the recovery available to consumers who have been victims,” South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson said in a press release.

Takata and his arms, TK Holdings, filed for bankruptcy last year, in the wake of the explosion, the airbags of the disaster.

In January, the Japanese manufacturer has agreed to pay $ 1 billion in penalties in the US for hiding dangerous defects in its explosion of airbags.

He has agreed to pay $ 25 million fine, $125 million for those injured by the airbags, and $850 million for the car manufacturers who used them.

The firm also pleaded guilty to a single criminal charge.

Most of the major car manufacturers have been affected by the fault, with approximately 100 millions of airbags Takata has recalled globally since the issue first emerged in 2007.

It is the largest safety recall in the history of the automobile.

The US regulations could open the way for the TK, the Farms to be sold to compete with the Key to the Security of the Systems.