The Network has criticized trump, who had abandoned his wife and son in the rain

MOSCOW, 28 Feb — RIA Novosti. Users of Twitter criticized U.S. President Donald trump, threw his son Barron and wife Melania in the rain.

Donald Trump boards Air Force One in the rain holding a large umbrella — wife and son trail behind
— Jon Levine (@LevineJonathan) 27 Feb 2018

The incident occurred at the airport in palm beach, Florida, where the presidential couple spent a weekend in mid-January. The footage posted on Twitter, is seen as the American leader takes shelter under an umbrella and climbs the ladder “Board number one”, while his eleven-year-old son Barron and wife Melania go without an umbrella in heavy rain.

Users of social networks criticized trump criticized for lack of concern for his family.

“His hair is clearly more important. Knightly act,” — commented on the incident, British actor Colin McFarlane.

“This is the person we placed the responsibility for the protection of our children,” complained a user with the nickname NewDay.

“What a gentleman! He can’t even take care of their loved ones, to say nothing of the rest of the population of his country” — ironically Lise Morrissette.

“He even without weapons rushed to the school (in Florida, where the shooting occurred — Approx.ed.) for rescue poor children from the shooter. Without a doubt,” comments on the entry the user curricane.

“The knights are still alive, sir!” — ridicules the actions of the American leader Tyler McNamara.

Some users noted that trump will never be compared with the previous manners the American leader Barack Obama. In particular, commentators recalled the case when the ex-President of the United States took an umbrella from the security officer to shelter his wife Michelle.

Other users made fun of trump for unskilled parasol.

“I think he doesn’t know how to hold the umbrella,” writes Chris Ciancanelli.

“I was amused, as he tries to enter the door of the plane with still an open umbrella,” — says the commentator with the nickname Brass Neck 69.

Some users, however, defended the us leader and suggested that Barron and Melania just could abandon the umbrella.