In the US parents convinced son that he was terminally ill with cancer

MOSCOW, 4 Feb — RIA Novosti. In the U.S., arrested parents, who fraudulently convinced the 13-year-old son that he was ill with brain cancer in an incurable stage, writes the Miami Herald, citing the police.

It is reported that 47-year-old Robert long and 34-year-old Ginny Inovando for eight months held a son in the fear, convincing him that he has cancer. Also parents asked for money from friends to “cover the costs of treatment” and even started a fundraiser on the website Gofundme.

In addition, 28 Dec mother published in the Facebook message, which called it a miracle that her son was still alive.

“As most of you know, we were told that a miracle will happen if Dawson will be with us for Christmas. Well it’s been three days since Christmas, and he’s fine,” she said.

The fraudulent scheme came to light when the situation drew the attention of the school psychologist. He went to the police, and the investigation revealed that the boy had no tumor. On Thursday, the couple was arrested and charged with child abuse and fraud.