Citroen C4 Hatchback drops Picasso’s name to Spacetourer

Citroën has dropped the Picasso name from its C4 HATCHBACK models in favor of Spacetourer in an attempt to align more closely with its largest carrier of people.

A spokesman has told Autocar that the new name for C4 Spacetourer and Grand C4 Spacetourer models now have “better synergy” with the brand’s largest Spacetourer MPV, that can accommodate up to nine passengers.

Picasso name, which was used on the C4, five and seven-seat Mpvs, since their inception, in 2006, was said to have created an unwanted “break between the mid-and large-size Mpv”.

Citroën has said that the ” clear alignment would better illustrate the trio of Spacetourer models close relationship. They are all built on the platform EMP2.

The sales of the C4 HATCHBACK models are still strong in the face of a decline in the segment demand. Citroën sold 99,254 C4 Picasso and Grand C4 Picasso in Europe last year, even if it was a 7013-unit decrease in the 2016 total.

The Spacetourer, which had been in production by 2016, is part of a more niche segment and its sales reflect that. The company sold 8837 Spacetourers in 2017, but the model was in heavy demand at the end of the year, suggesting that will dramatically improve on that number in 2018.

While Citroën’s European sales have remained strong, the brand struggles in China, where sales are down 47.3% in 2017 in the midst of a slowdown in the economy. Brand boss Linda Jackson told Autocar earlier this year that, excluding China, Citroën’s sales rose 7.5% in 2017.

Citroën smallest of the people carrier, the Berlingo Multispace, is going to be replaced with a new version that will be shown at the Geneva motor show next week. The new model, which is also built on the platform of EMP2, has inherited the brand’s most recent design language.

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