Young voters beckoned to the polls free concerts

Residents of Moscow, the first time took part in the vote in the presidential elections, will receive tickets to the concerts of Russian artists, said the Chairman of Mothersurname Valentin Gorbunov. His words leads to “Interfax” on Wednesday, February 28.

“Young voters who will come March 18 to the polls, get flyers, sign up online, choose one of the three dates of the concert and will go to him” — he said at a press conference.

Gorbunov said that the concerts will be held in the sports complex “Olympic” on March 22-24, renting space at the complex will pay for the Moscow election Committee, and artists will be performing for free. “There is mutual interest. Artists can expand their audience, and they will perform their civic duty,” he said.

The list of musicians who will perform for young voters, not yet finally approved, however, according to the Agency, his participation had already confirmed the group “Silver”.

8 Feb all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion reported that almost 80 percent of voters intend to take part in the presidential elections on March 18. To ignore the elections decided only 7.2 per cent, 11.7 per cent have not yet decided.

The current head of state Vladimir Putin takes part in the campaign as the independent candidate.More important news Telegram-channel “Tape days”. Signed!